2021-22 Distinguished Capstone Awards

Authored By: dies0044 05/09/2022

Seven Capstone presentations have been selected as Distinguished Capstones. The decision was based on the student’s quality of work in CLI 4711/13 and their presentation.

“Distinguished quality” has been identified as follows:

Students have demonstrated that they have

  • Gone above and beyond the expected learning outcomes.
  • Expressed their experience in a meaningful manner through their presentation.
  • Demonstrated that they have impacted a community during their capstone experience.
  • Demonstrated their presentation was an act of leadership by influencing the audience.




Olivia Kressin (Spring 2022)

Digging Deep: Incorporating Passion with Profession Through Environmental Studies 

Link to Capstone Presentation

Marcela Montes (Spring 2022)

Performer, Researcher, Advocate: Pathways Towards Becoming a Well Rounded Nurse

Link to Capstone Presentation

Kristen Newton (Fall 2021)

The Journey to my Future in Discovering and Building on Intercultural Relationships and Utilizing my Voice to tell my Truth and Create Change

Link to Capstone Presentation

Nevaeh Nez (Spring 2022)

Two Worlds: Walking the Path of Higher Education as an Indigenous Student in Health

Link to Capstone Presentation

Rachael Ojeikhodion (Spring 2022)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe 

Link to Capstone Presentation

Emily Tullis (Spring 2022) 

Building my Bridge

Link to Capstone Presentation

Melody Yang (Fall 2021)

Meet Me at the Crossroads: Embodying Intersectionality to Become a Better Health Care Provider

Link to Capstone Presentation