Faculty and student taking a group photo in cap and gowns at commencement.

Alumni Resources

The program aims to build meaningful and lasting relationships with alumni that extend beyond University Square.

Alumni Resources

After you graduate, your access to University applications like Gmail and Google Workspace, Zoom and Microsoft 365 will change. Learn what to expect and how to prepare on the Leaving the University self-help guide.

Transcript Request - The most convenient way to order an official transcript.

Something to note when you graduate: Your email inbox will remain active for a minimum of three semesters after the last term in which you were registered. During this time, UMR will use your email address for official communications, and it is important that you check your email regularly or have it forwarded to an address which you actively monitor.

Your inbox may remain active for up to five years (and possibly longer) after your last registration; however, to keep it active longer, you must access it at least once every six months. If your account lapses, you will have the option to contact us and request that we reopen it. Contact 1-HELP Technology Helpline at 612-301-4357.