UMR Health CORE students smiling at a bonfire

Student Life

"Student life at UMR encompasses many different clubs and activities that are always changing to adapt to the wants of students. This robust set of opportunities gives everyone the chance to get involved and create meaningful friendships that will last a lifetime." - Emily, Junior BSHS Student

At UMR, we want you to be the healthiest, most well-rounded version of you, and we work to help you achieve this.

In addition to studying at UMR, we hope that during your time here, you make your forever friends, have fun, create memories outside of the classroom and build a network that will help you succeed as a student while at UMR and later as a college graduate.

Though different from the traditional university campus, UMR has a vibrant student life.

You can choose to participate in more than 30 student clubs and organizations dedicated to health sciences, and social and civic engagement.


UMR students are leaders who are making a difference on our campus and in our community. The UMR student government -- the Rochester Student Association -- and the residential-based 318 Community Council utilize University Square, The Nest student lounge and various spaces in Rochester to keep UMR students engaged outside of the classroom.

Parents and Families

We believe that student success comes from a position of partnering with parents, families, faculty, leadership, community members and more.