Organizational Chart

UMR Community: Roles & Responsibilities

The Chancellor provides visionary leadership and administrative oversight for the University of Minnesota Rochester. Direct reports to the Chancellor include the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Innovation; the Vice Chancellor for Finance & Campus Resources; the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Engagement & Equity and leaders within the Campus Relationships focus area (see below).The chancellor’s Executive Assistant provides executive level coordination and support to the Chancellor, managing the Chancellor’s calendar. The Executive Assistant also provides “front door” hospitality for the campus and the Chancellor’s Office.

The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Innovation leads this focus area and serves as the senior academic officer for the campus. The Vice Chancellor’s calendar is managed by an Executive Assistant who also supports the regular meetings of focus area leadership teams.

This focus area includes the following:  

Teaching, Research and Outreach (faculty)
UMR faculty are organized in an interdisciplinary department: the Center for Learning Innovation (CLI). The CLI aspires to personalize education, conduct trailblazing research on learning and continuously enhance their creative and efficient curriculum. The CLI faculty governance includes an elected “Directorship Committee” with a chair who serves on the leadership team for the Academic Affairs & Innovation focus area.

Academic Programs Administration
The Administrative Director of Academic Programs is responsible for the management of daily operations of the Center for Learning Innovation. The Administrative Associate of Academic Programs reports to this position. 

Academic Advising
The Director of Academic Advising serves as a bridge from the CLI to the Student Success Coaching team, providing advising expertise and resources. This position works closely with faculty, admissions, academic administration and the registrar to continuously update transfer and academic advising materials.

The Office of Admissions is responsible for strategic recruitment endeavors tailored to showcase UMR’s distinctiveness. Team members cultivate relationships with future students and their families during the recruitment and admissions process. The primary objective of the Office of Admissions is to meet UMR enrollment goals and to ensure a highly qualified and diverse student body. This team consists of the Director of Admissions and four Admissions Counselors. 

Registrar and One Stop
The Registrar and One Stop is responsible for managing, planning and implementing programs and policies for registration, student records and accounts, financial aid and transfer processes. The team consists of a Registrar and two One Stop Counselors. 

The Librarian provides essential information resource services, coordinating personalized library services for UMR students, faculty and staff. This position is responsible for collection development and administration of all library services.

Learning Data and Technology
The Learning Data team serves campus-level learning analytics including data collection for the established assessment plan. This team provides support to faculty, who investigate student learning as their primary research area in the distinctive environment of the Center for Learning Innovation. Individuals on this team include the Director of Campus Learning Data and Technology, a Business Analyst and Software and Data Developer.

The Technology team provides user support, software and technology needs, including day-to-day operations of the networking, telecommunications and data storage systems. This team consists of a Desktop Support Professional, IT Support Coordinator and IT System Administrator.

Led by an Assistant Vice Chancellor, the Student Success, Engagement & Equity focus area provides inclusive student success coaching, engagement opportunities and other vital support to develop graduates empowered to solve the grand health challenges of the 21st century. This focus area includes the following:

Health and Wellness
The Director of  Health and Wellness provides direct advocacy, prevention and intervention services to address UMR students’ health and wellness needs. 

Disability Resources
The Disability Services Coordinator serves and supports students with significant academic concerns and students with identified or unidentified academic barriers in areas including, disabilities, mental health and situational stressors. 

Student Success Coaching
UMR’s Student Success Coaching provides individualized support and broad student advocacy to help students navigate their college experience. Student Success Coaches foster strong relationships and mentor students through academic, career and personal development.

Community Engagement and Career Development
The Director of Community Engagement and Career Development cultivates, refines and assess appropriate opportunities for experiences to support students development in identified career pathways.

Counseling Services 
The Mental Health Counselor provides referral, management and support services to students of varying identities and backgrounds. 

Student Activities, Orientation and Leadership
The Student Activities, Leadership and Orientation Director develops and implements student activities and events, generating student engagement in co-curricular activities, promoting leadership training and development.

Residential Life 
The Director of Residential Life establishes and maintains a residence hall community that fosters student well-being; builds diverse and inclusive communities; and supports students’ academic success.  

This focus area is led by the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management who is responsible for both the Office of Admissions and One Stop and reports to the Chancellor.

Office of Admissions

This office is responsible for the recruitment of prospective UMR students. The Office of Admissions works with interested students, parents, guidance counselors and high school teachers to share information about the University of Minnesota Rochester. This office hosts a number of campus visit days and other visit options to provide an inside look at the University of Minnesota Rochester.

One Stop

One Stop Student Services provides valuable insight about registration,financial aid, student accounts, billing and payment to students and parents.

This focus area is led by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Campus Resources who is responsible for financial planning and analysis as well as leadership of the following three units:

Business Office
The Business Office is responsible for UMR financial reporting and processes including purchasing, procurement cards, disbursements, employee expense reports, accounts receivable, deposits, payroll, grant support, and account reconciliations. The Business Office is led by the Business Office Manager and further served by two Executive Accounts Specialists.

Facilities and Operations 
Facilities and Operations is charged with the management and oversight of campus facilities and operations, safety/security and room scheduling. The Facility and Operations team consists of the Facilities and Operations Director, Astra Room Scheduler and Laboratory Services Coordinator.

Employee Development, Diversity & Well-Being (Human Resources)
This unit is led by the Director of Human Resources and strives to meet the evolving needs of UMR’s most valuable resource: our employees. Additional members of this team include an HR Coordinator and HR Specialist.

Leaders within this focus area report to the Chancellor.

Strategic Partnerships 
The Senior Advisor for Strategic Partnerships cultivates external relationships with a wide variety of partners to advance the Vision and Centering Aspirations of the campus.

Marketing and Communications
The Office of Marketing and Communications serves both the public and the university community. This team is responsible for a broad range of university communications functions, including: recruitment and reputational marketing; media relations; photography; videography; production of publications; and distribution of information about the university to internal and external audiences. Marketing and Communications consists of the Director of Marketing and Communications, Assistant Director of Marketing, Multimedia Design Specialist, Database Marketing Specialist and Communications Associate.

Development and Alumni
The Director of Development and Alumni ensures strategic care to friends of the campus by cultivating, enhancing and sustaining relationships with alumni, parents, community supporters and donors. Reporting to this Director, the Events Manager supports the University’s overall mission of public engagement and outreach.