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International Forum on Active Learning in Classrooms

Register for the 2024 International Forum on Active Learning in Classrooms conference August 1-2.


International Forum on Active Learning in Classrooms (IFALC) at the University of Minnesota focuses on advancing practice and research on active learning classrooms.


Join us for the 2024 International Forum on Active Learning in Classrooms on August 1-2 at the University of Minnesota Rochester. 

The IFALC features session formats designed to provide opportunities for participants to demonstrate innovative practices and research that leverage the advantages of active learning pedagogies and learning spaces that may or may not be technology-enhanced.

The IFALC brings together a wide variety of institutions to:

    • Examine common challenges relevant to the effective implementation of active learning, and chart a path for their resolution;
    • Share successful practices that have enriched the active learning experience of students and their instructors in higher education;
    • Build and deepen networks with colleagues and industry partners in order to advance efforts across strategic and capital planning, curriculum design, and evidence-based classroom practices;
    • Use evidence to support and encourage success for a diverse cohort of learners; 

This forum is framed by the alignment between the use of evidence-based active and  inclusive learning pedagogies in classrooms, and achieving the academic priorities of many universities and colleges such as increased inclusion, engagement, learning, retention, graduation rates and greater equity in outcome measures. Since these priorities are of broad interest to all working in higher education, international participation is most welcome.


Registration Information


    • Regular: $350
    • Student/Trainee: $75

In case of cancellation before July 1, a full refund will be given. Cancellations after July 1 until July 19 will be given a partial refund and cancellations after July 19 will result in no refund.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. George Veletsianos

Headshot of George VeletsianosDr. George Veletsianos is a professor at the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and teaches in the learning technologies program. He holds the Bonnie Westby Huebner chair in education and technology and pursues a socially responsible and critical research agenda aiming to respond to complex education problems in online and blended contexts, such as inequitable access, participation divides, and online harassment. As possible solutions to these difficult problems cut across multiple disciplines, his research is collaborative, interdisciplinary, and method agnostic (though he has a soft spot for interpretive and creative approaches). This research agenda focuses on the (1) design, development and evaluation of online and blended learning environments, (2) study of learning experiences and participation in emerging online environments, and (3) investigation of learning futures. He blogs ongoing research and thoughts at http://www.veletsianos.com.


Jill Ackers

Headshot of Jill AckersJill Ackers is an influential educator with nearly three decades of experience across a broad spectrum of the educational sector. She holds a B.S. in Applied Learning and Development and Elementary Education, an M.Ed. in School Leadership and Administration. Her expertise in designing learning environments was recognized with the Accredited Learning Environment Planner (ALEP) certification in 2021.

She was a key founding member of a K-12 International Baccalaureate STEM school in Dallas, Texas. Her impactful work continued in higher education, significantly contributing to the development of Southern Methodist University’s first urban principal Master’s Degree program. She also established the city's first dual-language Project-Based Learning (PBL) elementary school, serving as its Elementary Director. As the Director of Education at VS America, her current role focuses on transforming learning environments, a crucial aspect of impacting student lives daily. This role involves collaborating with architectural firms, interior designers, and furniture vendors globally to create adaptable, flexible and dynamic learning spaces.

Forum Location

The International Forum on Active Learning in Classrooms will be held at the University of Minnesota Rochester, a campus dedicated to innovation in higher education. Located in the heart of Med City, the University of Minnesota Rochester is empowering graduates to solve the grand health challenges of the 21st century. Most conference events for the Forum will take place on the University of Minnesota Rochester campus. View the International Forum on Active Learning in Classrooms schedule

Questions? Contact Kelsey Metzger, chair of IFALC steering committee.

  • Senenge Andzenge, Assistant Vice Provost, Director of Program Design & Innovation, Office of Distributed Learning, University of Minnesota

  • Kara Hanson, Manager of Academic Technology | Information Technology Systems and Services, University of Minnesota Duluth

  • Noah Holm, Academic Technologist, University of Minnesota Office of Classroom Management

  • Kelsey Metzger, Professor, Director of Faculty Development, Center for Learning Innovation, University of Minnesota Rochester

  • Peg Sherven, Academic Technology Support Coordinator, UMN Health Sciences Technology

  • Molly Ubbesen, Assistant Professor & Director of Writing, Center for Learning Innovation, University of Minnesota Rochester

  • Sue Wick, Professor Emerita, Biology Teaching and Learning, Plant & Microbial Biology; Promoting Active Learning Through Mentoring (PALM) Network

  • Jake Wright, Senior Lecturer, Center for Learning Innovation, University of Minnesota Rochester

  • Bill Zimmerman, IT Director University of Minnesota Morris

  • Ruth Bello, Manager for the School of Health Science, Mayo Clinic

  • Heather Billings 

    • Assistant Professor of Medical Education
    • Senior Fellow, Mayo Clinic Academy of Educational Excellence
    • Director, Faculty Development | Co-Director, Academy of Educational Excellence
    • Office of Applied Scholarship and Education Science (OASES) 
    • Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, Rochester, MN

  • Vanessa Carroll, Creative Lead, Marketing and Communications
  • John Hamiton, IT Support Coordinator
  • Anne Kowal, Event Manager
  • Amber Muehlenbein, Content Creation Specialist, Marketing and Communications
  • Molly Olson, Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Kim Sin, Network and Media Specialist
  • Barry Standorf, Director of Facilities and Operations
  • Michaela Wells, Web and Digital Specialist, Marketing and Communications