Bijaya Aryal, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, CLI

Bijaya AryalEducation

B.S., Tribhuvan University

M.S., Tribhuvan University

M.S., Kansas State University

Ph.D., Kansas State University

Teaching at UMR
My teaching philosophy at UMR is founded on the premise that teaching technique, pedagogy and curriculum must be adapted to meet the expectations of the changing world. I strive to teach students conceptual knowledge and transferable skills for real-world problem solving, which frequently requires interdisciplinary approaches. I facilitate student learning through cultivation of epistemology about physics/physics learning and measure the effectiveness and impacts of the instructional methods.

My research explores if and how students apply their prior conceptual resources and skills to a novel situation. I aim to develop education theory, methodology and tools through examining student problem solving and transfer of learning. My research investigates the value of computer technology as an instructional tool to increase students’ sophistication in problem solving. I examine ways to enhance the efficacy of group dynamics in problem solving and learning transfer. I frame learning transfer as a dynamic construction and transformation of learning mediated by hints/cues and learning resources. Research on student learning of transferable skills has implications for innovative instruction by inspiring interdisciplinary approaches. Surveys have indicated that employers highly value college graduates’ skills learning. Exploring the ways to promote students’ skills learning can enable them to cope with the social and economic changes attributed to the advancement of technology.

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