Kelsey Metzger, D.A.

Associate Professor, CLI

Kelsey MetzgerEducation

B.S., Biology, University of North Dakota

M.S., Biology, University of North Dakota

D.A., Biology/Biology Education, Idaho State University

As an educator, I strive for “...success in helping students learn in ways that make a sustained, substantial, and positive influence on how those students think, act, and feel” (Bain, 2004, p. 3). I view curriculum design and teaching as infinitely perfectible endeavors worthy of thoughtful and continual revision that relies on newly emerging insights from published literature and evidence of student learning and/or development resulting from course-level and curriculum-level assessment. 

Broadly, I am interested in learning about how students think about their learning and engage in self-assessment of knowledge, and the practices that instructors can implement in their courses to help students become more successful, self-regulated learners. Given UMR's unique context of teaching exclusively in Active Learning Classrooms, I am also interested in how classroom environments and the design of learning activities impact students, both with respect to student academic achievement outcomes, and student perceptions of their learning and sense of belonging to an academic community. Importantly, we know that not all curriculum interventions are equally effective for all student populations; thus, research that can uncover why certain practices are impactful and for whom are of great significance as we work to build a more inclusive higher education environment that supports the success of all learners.


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