Michelle Nelson, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer, CLI

B.S., Colorado State University Pueblo

Ph. D., Department of Chemistry, University of California San Diego


Teaching at UMR
My role as an educator is to captivate students’ attention by providing real-life applications and passion for the subject, to enhance comprehension through the use of technology, to encourage and support them in developing rigorous study skills, and to create a class environment of inclusiveness.

My favorite part of teaching has always been the one-on-one interaction with a student. I enjoy the aha moment when a student understands a difficult concept. UMR gives me the opportunity to interact at this level by incorporating many tutoring hours into my course load.

I have taught many chemistry courses including Introduction to the Periodic Table, Introduction to Physical Science, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry Lab. I also led discussion sections for General and Organic Chemistry. I have tutored students throughout my undergraduate and graduate career.

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