Andrew Petzold, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, CLI
Faculty Director, NXT GEN MED

Andrew PetzoldEducation

B.A., Biology, Hamline University

Ph.D., Comparative Molecular Biology, University of Minnesota

Teaching at UMR
I believe that for a student to thrive educationally, the student must have a want to learn and a relatability to the subject being approached. I try to provide opportunities for students to interact with me and others through group activities, case studies and real-life examples that can bring the intricacies of knowledge to the student.

My research focuses on examining the best practices for students to convey the complexities of physiology and immunology to a variety of audiences including faculty and non-scientific audiences.

What advice do you have for first year students?
Get to know your faculty members! They can provide you with knowledge and guidance both in and out of the classroom.

Share a bit about your education journey. What did you take away from it?
When I was very young, I wanted to be a zoologist. I had and still am enamored by animals and how they interact with each other. I consumed information about animals whenever I could and then tried to teach everyone I knew about that new information. This lead me to take a number of biology courses and focus on teaching. As I continued my schooling, I realized that I was much more excited about some aspects of biology than others - I wanted to know how things worked and what happened when they didn't. I then got my PhD in Comparative Molecular Biology - a part of the Veterinary school at the UMN.

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