Xavier Prat-Resina, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, CLI

Xavier Prat-ResinaEducation

B.S. Chemistry Univ. Barcelona

M.Sc. Theoretical Chemistry, Univ. Barcelona

PhD Chemistry Univ. Autonoma Barcelona

Teaching at UMR
I teach both General and Organic Chemistry and I am part of the team revamping the entire chemistry curriculum. I also enjoy teaching Physical Chemistry, and small independent studies on data modeling and data representation in python and R.

My teaching style includes all possible flavors of active learning, flipped classroom, performing in class, and the use of web materials and large online question banks to improve students' self-assessment and higher-order thinking.

My research background is the computational modeling of enzymatic reactions. I have used QM/MM potentials and MD simulations to study condensed phase systems such as calculating the Potential for Mean Force for enzymatic reactions and proton channels. My research on learning focuses on the development and implementation of visualization and navigation of chemistry data in the classroom. I use cheminformatics online tools to build resources that may help higher-order thinking and learning (see http://chemdata.r.umn.edu)

I am also interested in the visualization and navigation of student data, using R and JavaScript. We have built learning analytics tools to analyze and understand student performance at a larger time scale (see https://github.com/xavierprat).

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