Amy Collins-Warfield Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, CLI

B.A. in History, Ohio Wesleyan University, 2005; M.A. in Cross-cultural & International Education, Bowling Green State University, 2008; M.A. in Educational Policy & Leadership, Ohio State University, 2013; M.S. in Agricultural Communication, Education, & Leadership, Ohio State University, 2021; Ph.D. in Agricultural Communication, Education, & Leadership, Ohio State University, 2022

Teaching at UMR

I encourage students to develop a growth mindset, engage their curiosity, demonstrate adaptability, and build resiliency. I want students to learn about both the course content and themselves. I emphasize effort, attitude, and learning from failures. I prioritize building relationships and engaging in meaningful teaching that connects to students’ lives. I want students to leave my classroom as more confident scholars who believe they matter.


I use critical inquiry to advance student success in higher education. At the heart of my research is this question: "How do we move toward becoming a student-ready institution?" I believe universities have a responsibility to provide students from all backgrounds with the support they need so they can retain, persist, and graduate. In particular, I focus on improving the experiences of student populations who have been systematically marginalized in higher education. I work to identify the practices and perspectives institutions can adopt to create equitable and inclusive learning environments. My current research emphasizes understanding student success, creating a culture of care, and teaching to the whole student.