Amy Collins Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, CLI

Amy Collins Education

B.A. in History, Ohio Wesleyan University

M.A. in Cross-cultural & International Education, Bowling Green State University

M.A. in Educational Policy & Leadership, Ohio State University

M.S. in Agricultural Communication, Education, & Leadership, Ohio State University

Ph.D. in Agricultural Communication, Education, & Leadership, Ohio State University

Teaching at UMR

I practice caring pedagogy and inclusive learning. I encourage students to develop a growth mindset, engage their curiosity, demonstrate adaptability and build resiliency. I want students to learn about both course content and themselves. I emphasize effort, attitude, and learning from failures. I prioritize building relationships and engaging in meaningful teaching that connects to students’ lives. I want students to leave my classroom as more confident scholars who believe they matter..


I research college student academic success: how do we define success, and how do we help students attain it, in a way that supports their overall well-being? Through my research, I examine strategies and interventions that support student academic success in this post-COVID learning environment. My recent publications have focused on first-generation student success, caring pedagogy and self-regulated learning.

What advice do you have for first year students?

Ask for help early and often. I know this can be difficult. Sometimes we feel like we should be able to figure things out on our own. Sometimes we feel embarrassed or self-conscious about asking for help. But no one gets through college on their own. Every student faces some sort of challenge when they are at college. Asking for help is a skill. It takes practice, and it can be difficult and scary, but it is essential to your ongoing success in all areas of life, not just college. Asking for help is a sign of strength and maturity, not weakness. Receiving help allows you to become happier and to live your best possible student life.

Share a bit about your education journey. What did you take away from it?

It often surprises students to learn that I quit my first Ph.D. program. From that experience, I learned that despite our best-laid plans, sometimes the unexpected happens and we need to take a break, make a detour or change directions altogether. My education journey has been a wandering stream, not a straight line, but I wouldn't trade it. The disappointments and failures taught me just as much as the successes and have shaped who I am today.

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