Rachel Doughty, Ph.D.

Student-Based Faculty, CLI

Rachel DoughtyEducation

B.A., Chemistry, Lawrence University

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California Davis

Teaching at UMR

As an instructor and inclusion-advocate at UMR, I work hard to create opportunities for active learning, ensure my classroom and office are safe spaces for mistakes and remain transparent about grades and assignments. I reflect on my work often and reevaluate my teaching practices when needed because I strive to give students the best education possible. I hope that the work I do in the classroom will show students that knowledge is something worth struggling for.


My graduate research focused on developing and studying inorganic catalyst materials for water-splitting and hydrogen-fuel production. I used solid state synthesis, surface photovoltage spectroscopy, and electrochemical tests to investigate the physical properties of these inorganic materials.

My most recent published work is in chemical education. I have documented the development and success of games in the chemistry classroom and am interested in characterizing the background and visit frequency of students who take advantage of JustAsk hours (office hours) and other on-campus support resources.

What advice do you have for first year students?

Remember that listening does not equal learning. Listening is passive. Learning is active! Give yourself opportunities to learn actively by visiting JustAsk hours, connecting with your peers in person, perfecting your note-taking skillsand minimizing distractions.

Share a bit about your education journey. What did you take away from it?

I was raised to be a lifelong learner, and so I seek out opportunities to sit on the receiving end of instruction, even as an instructor myself. Continuously walking with one foot in the audience and one foot on the podium means I have many opportunities to enjoy the thrill of learning and improving my abilities, all while reflecting on best practices for engaging and including learners.


    • General Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award, University of California Davis, August 2017
    • Chemistry Department Teaching Assistant Award, University of California Davis, May 2017
    • Chemistry Department Teaching Assistant Award, University of California Davis, May 2015


American Chemical Society 2012-present

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