Meet Aashka - The Health Care Research and Discovery Featured Student

Authored By: dies0044 09/10/2021

Health Care Research and Discovery

Tomorrow’s groundbreaking health protocols result from today’s research and discovery. Outstanding research opportunities for all UMR students prepare them for careers that apply rigorous investigation and analysis to grand health challenges of the 21st century.

Aashka Joshi

Aashka Joshi, ‘16

Health Care Research and Discovery
Major: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

How did your Capstone experience prepare you for your future in what you’re currently doing? The Capstone opportunity at UMR is unique. It enables you to take all of your experiences, introspect and truly understand the impact that each of these experiences had on yourself individually and collectively in the community. Taking a moment to reflect on day-to-day activities and downstream impacts each and every action has is something that I better improved during Capstone and implement on a daily basis. The Capstone experience continues to instill the dedication that I have toward science and continues to emphasize that hard work and commitment to research and science can be fruitful. In addition, the rigorous curriculum at UMR emphasized and contributed to the development of my scientific knowledge that are skills that I use every day.

Is there a certain instructor that greatly impacted your time at UMR?I enjoyed my time learning from all of the professors at UMR, it would be hard to choose just one person! Professor Bright, Dr. Dunbar (my Capstone mentor) and Dr. Barnett were among the many professors that contributed to cultivating an inviting and enjoyable learning experience for me.


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