Meet Eunice - The Emerging Health Technologies Pathways Featured Student

Authored By: dies0044 03/12/2021

Emerging Health Technologies

The ever-growing complexity of modern health care demands solutions that simplify practices and serve patients. UMR students who aspire to careers in this area will systematically bring their knowledge and skills to solving health problems through the creation and application of innovative technologies.

Eunice Akintade

Eunice Akintade, ‘14

Emerging Health Technologies
Major: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, Minor: Business
Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Why did you choose to come to UMR? My parents were told about UMR from a family friend who was going there, and since I still wasn’t sure where I was going, we visited UMR. My parents liked that everyone seemed studious and I liked that it seemed like a place where exploring opportunities was encouraged.

What did your Capstone Experience at UMR involve? My Capstone experience combined two of my favourite things, traveling and learning by doing. I took classes through a program called CAPA in London, which allowed me to live with students from other universities and have the freedom to explore London on my own while also having excursions with other students. I also had an internship at University College London in the Laboratory for Protein Crystallography, Centre for Amyloidosis and Acute Phase Proteins. It was a great chance for me to see science in real life and use the lab techniques I had learned.


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