Meet Bryar - The Patient Care Pathways Featured Student

Authored By: dies0044 03/26/2021

Patient Care

Healing bodies and minds is an art, a skill and a science. Students who are interested in a hands-on career offering quality care to patients, families and the community will find UMR’s innovative curriculum provides ample preparation for entry into the workforce or for advanced study.

Bryar Hansen

Bryar Hansen, ‘16

Patient Care
Major: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
Hometown: West Salem, WI

Why did you choose to come to UMR? I chose UMR partly because of the location. Being somewhat close to my hometown made it easy to have a good family balance while I navigated the excitement and rigors of our coursework. I also chose this school because I knew I’d be pursuing medicine, and what better place to start that journey than right next door to one of the top hospitals in the country? Being so close to Mayo Clinic helped me find research opportunities and physician mentors who helped guide me to where I am today.

What did your Capstone Experience at UMR involve? UMR’s rigorous curriculum helped prepare me with the scientific and medical knowledge I would need to be a good medical school applicant, and my Capstone experience explored ways to make myself a more unique and well-rounded future physician. In addition to biochemistry, genetics, and anatomy, I took a variety of business courses to diversify my education. I then applied these new skills when I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain at La Universitat Pompeu Fabra, with an academic emphasis in International Management.


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