Meet Katie - The Patient Care Pathways Featured Student

Authored By: dies0044 03/11/2022

Patient Care

Healing bodies and minds is an art, a skill and a science. Students who are interested in a hands-on career offering quality care to patients, families and the community will find UMR’s innovative curriculum provides ample preparation for entry into the workforce or for advanced study.

Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson, ‘15

Patient Care
Major: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
Minor: Public Health Minor
Hometown: Slayton, MN

Why did you choose to come to UMR? I actually transferred to UMR as a second-year student. Having grown up in Rochester, UMR was convenient and enabled me to be with family. I also knew I was health care bound career-wise, so UMR’s health-oriented curriculum was also a major selling point.

How did your Capstone experience prepare you for your future in what you’re currently doing? My Capstone experience reaffirmed my passion and interest in serving patients at the end of life and their families, which I continue to do in clinical practice as a Registered Nurse. The UROP project really ignited my interest in conducting research to benefit patients and families more at a systems-level. That experience provided foundational research skills and knowledge that made me curious about potentially carving out a career that would enable me to both practice and do research, which is what I will be able to do as a Nurse Scientist upon completing my PhD.


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