Meet Hannah - The Patient Care Pathways Featured Student

Authored By: wells438 02/13/2023

Patient Care

Healing bodies and minds is an art, a skill and a science. Students who are interested in a hands-on career offering quality care to patients, families and the community will find UMR’s innovative curriculum provides ample preparation for entry into the workforce or for advanced study.

Hannah Small

Hannah Small, ‘16

Patient Care
Major: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Why did you choose to come to UMR? I had a strong interest in health care, and valued the strong partnership that the University of Minnesota Rochester had with Mayo Clinic. I knew that I would give me quality experiences to determine the health care path that was right for me.

How did your Capstone experience prepare you for your future in what you’re currently doing? My training and experiences as a respiratory therapist working in the ICU prepared me to evaluate and treat a wide-range of pulmonary diseases as well as gave me baseline medical knowledge on how to assess and treat critically ill patients.


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