The University of Minnesota Rochester Celebrates Women’s History Month by Honoring the Women of UMR, Past and Present

Authored By: wells438 03/06/2023

Photo collage of Marilyn Stewart, Dr. Molly Dingel, Dr. Cassidy Terrell, Chancellor Carrell

Many women make up the University of Minnesota Rochester’s past and present. In honor of Women’s History Month, UMR highlights women who have carved a pathway for future contributions and continue to impact the University today.

UMR visionary and supporter, Marilyn Stewart was the catalyst in building and bringing the U of M to the Rochester area. “Women have come a long way since my days at UMN. Women can do anything that men do! We must encourage young women to continue to blaze new trails. I recommend young women gain experience by partnering, participating in internships and trying new ideas. Have confidence in your opinions and perseverance!” Her courage and support of women in leadership has made her a lasting legacy and inspiration to others.

Continuing this legacy, Dr. Molly Dingel, Professor of Sociology and Acting Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, helped design the initial curriculum for the first class at UMR. Dr. Dingel's lasting influence on the culture and overall atmosphere at UMR is due to her research focused on sense of belonging and what it means to be a part of the group. Her research directly supports UMR’s grounding values of community and evidence-based decision making which advance UMR onward.

Another UMR faculty member making strides toward representation and support of women in STEM is Dr. Cassidy Terrell, Associate Professor of Biochemistry. “My role at UMR has given me the space and support to develop my interests in research and teaching. Empowering other women means giving them the support to be courageous and take risks with the knowledge that even if they fail, I, we, will be there to help them through the failure, but we will also be there to cheer in their success.”

As a creative and passionate leader at UMR since 2014, Chancellor Dr. Lori J. Carrell strives to inspire women in higher education. “We’ll never be well or fully realize our collective potential to solve the grand challenges unless we link arms, lift each other up, and do the work to build a strong community. Healthy women (healthy people, really) support each other in difficult times, celebrate distinctive gifts (rather than competing as though self-esteem is a scarce resource), and ultimately, discover what it is we can do together that we can’t do separately.”