University of Minnesota Rochester Recognized for Outstanding Student Support in Career Development

Authored By: wells438 08/28/2023

University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) has received a special accolade for its outstanding Career Development initiatives for undergraduate students. This is an additional recognition from Colleges of Distinction, an organization that promotes schools with engaging undergraduate experiences focused on student success.

UMR’s Career Development award from Colleges of Distinction confirms that it goes above and beyond the norm, supporting students with comprehensive four-year plans, personalized advising and more. One of the most common questions on students' minds is, "What will I do after graduation?" Fortunately, schools that receive the Career Development recognition have proven their ability to help students transition into post-graduation life with confidence. 

“We are very impressed with the ways that UMR helps students transition into post-graduation life with confidence,” said Tyson Schritter, Chief Operating Officer at Colleges of Distinction. “The resources and unwavering support it gives students all throughout their academic journey sets them up for successful, fulfilling careers in whatever field they choose.” These resources and support include: 

    • Integrated Career Exploration and Preparation
    • Accessible Programs and Training
    • Dedicated, Student Success Coaches 

"The Career Development recognition goes beyond standard offerings like mock interviews and job boards," added Schritter. "UMR integrates career readiness into the curriculum, establishing meaningful connections between students across majors and their future careers. This innovative and comprehensive approach to career preparation is what sets UMR apart and deserving of this recognition."

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