UMR Announces Launch of Campus and Climate Action Planning

Authored By: wells438 09/19/2023

The University of Minnesota Rochester’s Campus and Climate Action Planning process launched on September 13, 2023. The plan that will be created will support UMR's commitment to excellence sustained through managed enrollment growth by identifying time horizons and criteria for strategic decision points in a phased approach to facilities expansion. 

The new Campus and Climate Action Plan that emanates from this process is scheduled to be shared with the University Board of Regents in May 2024. This plan will replace the 2014 Campus Master Plan.

The importance of campus and climate action planning:

Throughout the University of Minnesota System, campus plans define necessary changes to support anticipated activities. They address questions of growth and interaction with the surrounding community, all based on the priorities shaped by the institution’s learning, research and outreach mission. The University is combining campus planning and climate action planning to align with institutional goals of carbon neutrality by 2050 with physical planning efforts.

In Rochester specifically, integrated campus and climate action planning supports UMR's Vision to "transform higher education through innovations that empower our graduates to solve the grand health challenges of the 21st century.”

The University recognizes that, like any new venture charting its future, UMR requires flexibility in its facilities model to support dynamic growth. To date, we have been long-term tenants in many downtown locations, supported by a P3 approach to facilities. The Campus and Climate Action Plan will explore options and opportunities including continuing to lease space as well as developing and owning facilities to support campus growth on both near-term and longer-term horizons.

The importance of partnerships:

Partnerships are critical to UMR now and are anticipated to continue to be central in the planning of future facilities and programming. This planning process will include exploration of existing and potential partnerships to meet shared goals. 

Potential partners are welcome to contact the chancellor’s executive assistant Anne Lund to indicate their interest. An initial date of September 29 has been set for collecting those expressions of partner interest.

How will this planning occur?

Opportunities for input will continue throughout the fall semester 2023, including surveys, open houses, dedicated time at UMR’s State of the Campus event on November 8, online forums and interviews, all guided by an advisory committee and the University’s Sasaki consultants. 

Participants in the planning process include partners and potential partners, students, staff, faculty, community members and Sasaki, UMR’s consulting firm. 

Stay up to date with the project by completing an interest form.


UMR Campus Climate Action Plan