Vice Chancellor Paul Hanstedt Receives Association for General Liberal Studies National Leadership Award

Authored By: wells438 10/10/2023

VC Paul holding up an award.

UMR’s Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Innovation Dr. Paul Hanstedt has been named the 2023 recipient of the Association for General Liberal Studies (AGLS) National Leadership in General and Liberal Education Award. This award recognizes Dr. Hanstedt’s significant contributions to the practice of general education and liberal studies as a national leader. 

These contributions include leading a general education curricular revision at two previous universities and participating in a year-long Fulbright in Hong Kong to support the region as it shifted from a three- to a four-year university model that included integrative general education. Hanstedt also wrote a book called “General Education Essentials” to help faculty understand contemporary gen ed practices, he worked with nearly 100 universities around the world to help them leverage effective general education reform on their campuses and is a faculty member of the American Association of Colleges and Universities annual institute on General Education and Assessment. 

Dr. Hanstedt accepted the award during the 2023 AGLS Constitute in Austin, Texas on September 21. 

“Congratulations to Dr. Hanstedt for this recognition of his ongoing leadership of faculty innovation to support students’ deep and complex learning. We’re #UMRProud!,” said Chancellor Carrell.

AGLS is a community of practitioner-scholars that provides strategic, effective and innovative support for general and liberal learning in 21st century higher education. AGLS proudly celebrates individuals and institutions that have significantly contributed to general and liberal education in higher education. 

“Paul is exactly the type of person this award was created for,” shared Joyce Lucke, Executive Director at AGLS. “We are so pleased to recognize his years of dedication and significant contributions to the practice of general education as a national leader.”