What’s Next for Maryanne Bovee?

Authored By: wells438 06/26/2024

Headshot of Maryanne BoveeCelebrating UMR’s graduating class of 2024! Meet Maryanne, a BSHS graduate working at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and pursuing a graduate degree in midwifery. 

What are your post graduation plans? 

I will be working in the Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital during my time off from school before attending a graduate program for midwifery in the United Kingdom.

What was your favorite part of your years at UMR?

My favorite part of my time at UMR was being a part of Global Connections Club and being a Resident Assistant. I met a lot of great people and got to have some really fun experiences that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do otherwise.

What are you most looking forward to post graduation?

I'm looking forward to working in the field of health care that I'm most passionate about while also taking a small break from school to enjoy my summer.

What advice would you give incoming students?

Take time for yourself and avoid comparing your accomplishments to others. Everyone is on their own path and it's ok if yours changes.