What’s Next for Abigail Holmberg?

Authored By: wells438 07/03/2024

Abigail Holmberg in a graduation sash and hatCelebrating UMR’s graduating class of 2024! Meet Abigail, a BSHS graduate attending Des Moines University for a master’s degree in physician assistant studies. 

What are your post graduation plans? 

I am going to Des Moines University Physician Assistant Program that starts in June to become a PA!

What was your favorite part of your years at UMR?

Forming connections with faculty and staff, as well as making friends! UMR taught me subjects in ways that made sense and prepared me well for my future in grad school.

What are you most looking forward to post graduation?

Pursuing the career that I love and becoming a PA!

What advice would you give incoming students?

Try your best, but don’t over stress. It’s more important what you learn and your experience during the journey rather than your final grade.