BSHP Student Conduct Code Procedure with MCSHS

(Revision Date July 10, 2017)

Introduction and Purpose
This process supports student conduct code procedure for students dually enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Health Professions program with Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences (MCSHS) and University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR). This process is needed as both educational institutions have policy guidelines for due process when there is an alleged conduct violation.


  • For nonacademic student conduct violations against Mayo Clinic, UMR will defer to MCSHS policies for nonacademic deficiency for students who are dually enrolled at UMR and MCSHS.

  • For student conduct violations that violate the Board of Regents: Student Conduct Code (including such academic matters as academic dishonesty), UMR will follow the Student Conduct Code Procedure: Rochester for students who are dually enrolled at UMR and the MCSHS.

Step 1: Faculty, Staff or student will report incident/concerns to MCSHS Program Director or Administration. If it is a case of academic dishonesty, faculty will also report the incident using UMR's Scholastic Dishonesty Report Form.

Step 2: Incident/concerns will be discussed with the appropriate Dean or Associate Dean prior to determining the course of action. The Administrative Director of Academic Programs will be informed of incident/concern. No action will be taken by UMR until a course of action has been determined by MCSHS.

Step 3: Nonacademic deficiencies could result in a formal warning, probation, or dismissal. Documentation will be shared with UMR.

Step 4: If the incident/concern merits action by UMR Administration, the UMR Administrative Director of Academic Programs will meet with the Student Conduct Team to discuss next steps.

Comments, Exceptions, Troubleshooting or additional information
UMR and MCSHS will have full disclosure between institutions with regard to Student Conduct incidents/concerns for students who are dually enrolled at UMR and MCSHS. Incidents that occur on respective campuses may affect enrollment on the collaborative campus.

Students are made aware of the Code of Conduct policies during Orientation at each institution and Mayo Clinic policies are available to students via the MCSHS intranet and their Program Student Handbook.

Related Procedures
Students who are dually enrolled are responsible for knowing both the Board of Regents Code of Conduct policies and the policies/procedures of MCSHS.


Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is designed to assist you in becoming acquainted with the University community, as well as its policies and procedures. The Handbook also contains the Student Code of Conduct, specifically, information on how to be a responsible member of the community.