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Admissions Forms

Use this page as a resource for important admissions forms.

Below you will find a number of forms for prospective students that may be used throughout the admissions process.

Applications are reviewed carefully, holistically and on a case-by-case basis.

Decisions are based on an overall assessment of each student’s academic preparation and performance, as well as the additional information provided in the application.

How do I appeal my admissions decision?
Any student who wishes to appeal an admission decision may do so by letter or email, addressed to the Director of Admissions. The appeal must be received within 30 days of the notification of denial. Appeals must be completed thoroughly and submitted only by the applicant. The appeal should include significant information that was not included in the original application. Applicants may expect a response within 30 days of the date the appeal and supporting materials are received.

A complete appeal includes:

    • A completed Admission Decision Appeal Form

    • A current transcript or grade report with most recent grades, including any Post Secondary Education Option (PSEO) or College In the Schools (CIS) grade.

    • Letters of recommendation/support

Ordinarily, students appeal an admission decision in order to bring to light compelling new academic information that was not previously included in their application, or extenuating personal circumstances that they feel warrant another review of the application

​​​​​​We understand that plans may change and you may decide to attend the University of Minnesota Rochester for a semester other than the one for which you were admitted. Common reasons for deferral may be work, travel, military service, religious observance, medical reasons or some other extraordinary opportunity.  If you wish to defer your enrollment, please read the following information carefully:

    • Students who defer for a year must remember to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1 of the year they will be enrolling to be considered for need-based financial aid. Any student that is awarded a scholarship by UMR risks forfeiting the scholarship.

    • Only Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences students can request a deferral, Bachelor of Science in Health Professions students will need to reapply for the program.

    • The request for deferral of admission must be submitted by May 1 of the academic year you were admitted.

    • Deferred students may not enroll at another college or university or in a program that grants college credit. If you register at another post-secondary institution for any courses, your deferral will be forfeited and you must reapply to UMR as a transfer student.

    • You may defer your enrollment for up to one year and begin the following fall if requested before the start of the term for which you originally applied. If you need to defer your entry term beyond one year, you must reapply at that time.

    • Contact the Office of Admissions at or (507) 258-8686 with any questions.

All first and second year students are required to live in UMR approved on-campus housing unless a student meets at least one criteria listed in the Residency Requirement Exemption Form. Students seeking an exemption from the residency requirement must submit the form prior to June 1 of the fall semester they are enrolling in.

UMR Residency Requirement Exemption Form

The University of Minnesota requires all students to complete the vaccination requirement. Failure to complete the requirement may result in a registration hold on your student account. You must complete this requirement by the 6th week of the semester.

Immunization Requirements