For High School Counselors

If you’re a high school counselor, please use this page as a resource for information as you meet with your high school students. is a secure platform where school counselors can access application status and admissions information for their students across participating colleges and universities. 

To create an account -

  • If you are the first staff person at your school to create a account, the Slate staff will verify your account within a few business days. 
  • If you are a school without a CEEB code, please contact the Office of Admissions at 

Within, navigate to the “Colleges” button (find the column building icon in the top navigation menu) and search for the University of Minnesota Rochester on that list. Click on our college name to view student data for your high school.

If you would like for UMR to send you and your school more information, brochures, pennants, etc. please complete the following request form:

  • Can students use any application to apply to UMR?
  • Can students share their application from the Twin Cities campus?
    • Yes, once a student completes their application with Twin Cities, they can share their application for no additional cost with any of the U of M campuses. Application and materials take within 1-2 weeks to arrive and be processed. 
  • Is there an application deadline or are you rolling admissions?
    • For scholarships and our Early Assurance programs (Nursing, Physician Assistant, Respiratory Care, Occupational Therapy and Pharmacy) the deadline is December 1st. Otherwise, we are rolling admissions.
  • How do students apply their application fee waiver?
    • On both the Raptor App and Common App, there is a section where students can indicate they are using an application fee waiver. Physical waivers can be sent to UMR by mail, email or the student can upload it through their application portal. 
  • How does UMR receive transcripts?
    • Initial transcripts may be received by mail, email (from a high school counselor’s email address) or through electronic delivery such as Parchment, Clearinghouse or SCOIR. Final transcripts must show the graduation date posted. 
  • Are test scores (ACT/SAT) required? 
    • Official Test Score Reports are optional. If reporting scores, they should be sent to the University of Minnesota Rochester. UMR’s test codes are: ACT - 2154, SAT - 5877. Scores reflected on a high school transcript are also acceptable.
  • Are letters of recommendation and/or school report required?
    • No, but students may submit them or counselors may submit a letter on the student’s behalf. The Early Assurance Physician’s Assistant program does require a student evaluation from a math or science teacher. 
  • How can my school get a UMR representative to visit?
    • We would be happy to visit your school to meet your students. Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office or the admissions rep for your area to set up an appointment. 
  • How can I set up a group visit to UMR?
    • Go to to set up a group visit. Please note that UMR is a unique campus. We focus only on health sciences and do not have a typical campus setting. We are not a good fit if your intention is to give a group of students a general idea of a college setting.