Nitya Chandiramani, UMR Alumna 2017, holds a laptop representing the Emerging Health Technologies career pathway.

Emerging Health Technologies

"My Capstone afforded me the opportunity to explore a variety of avenues and ultimately helped me understand that my career goal and my story is defined by continuous learning and self-development. I want to learn about every facet of the health care system, from business operations to the member experience, to identify where I can add value and make a positive impact." - Nitya Chandiramani, '17

Emerging Health Technologies

The ever-growing complexity of modern health care demands solutions that simplify practices and serve patients. UMR students who aspire to careers in this area will systematically bring their knowledge and skills to solving health problems through the creation and application of innovative technologies.

Staying on the cutting-edge of technological advancements in health care, students who follow this high-demand Career Pathway study:

    • artificial intelligence in medicine
    • bioinformatics
    • data science
    • digital health analyst
    • electronic medical records industry
    • medical device innovation
    • medical lab science
    • prosthetists/orthotists

Featured Students

Eunice AkintadeEunice Akintade, ‘14

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Clinical Trials Assistant, Be the Match
Hometown: St. Paul, MN

"My Capstone experience combined two of my favourite things, traveling and learning by doing. I took classes through a program called CAPA in London, which allowed me to live with students from other universities and have the freedom to explore London on my own while also having excursions with other students."

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Dawood Al DawoodDawood Al Dawood, ‘23

Degree: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - MS
Current Employment: Currently pursuing a Masters in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
Hometown: The State of Kuwait - of a Palestinian ethnicity

"I chose UMR because of the variety of opportunities that it offers. Also, I found UMR was a place of high quality of education, a strong sense of community and cultural diversity. "

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Nitya ChandiramaniNitya Chandiramani, ‘17

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Business Execution Consultant, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Hometown: Apple Valley, MN

"My Capstone afforded me the opportunity to explore a variety of avenues and ultimately helped me understand that my career goal and my story is defined by continuous learning and self-development. I want to learn about every facet of the health care system, from business operations to the member experience, to identify where I can add value and make a positive impact."

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Conrad CruzConrad Cruz, ‘19

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Research Specialist II, Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics
Hometown: Ham Lake, MN

"My Capstone’s expected outcomes taught me the skills of researching and better tailoring yourself to a position you may be seeking. My unexpected outcome was that I learned to become more comfortable with uncertainty."

Learn more about Conrad's experience.

Brandon EklundBrandon Eklund, ‘15

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Electrophysiology Application Specialist, Abbott
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

"I saw UMR as a unique opportunity to be a part of a new style of learning using technology and research. This new style of learning, while being paired with small class sizes and a focus on science, built the foundation for my future career."

Learn more about Brandon's experience.

Lucas JacobsonLucas Jacobson, ‘14

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Quality Specialist, Mayo Clinic
Hometown: Millville, MN

"Upon graduation I was hired at Mayo Clinic as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist in the Clinical and Forensic Toxicology Laboratory. I worked there for a few years and transferred to the Hepatitis/HIV Molecular Laboratory (HHM) to help with the surge in testing as HHM is one of the primary Mayo Clinic COVID-19 testing laboratories."

Learn more about Lucas's experience.

Kadie KetchumKadie Ketchum, ‘15

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Medical Writer for Johnson & Johnson Medical Operations
Hometown: Loveland, CO

"The BSHS major allowed me the flexibility to explore different avenues of health care careers without having to change my major throughout my college experiences."

Learn more about Kadie's experience.

Nolan MeyerNolan Meyer, ‘17

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Currently Pursuing PhD of Biomedical Engineering and Physiology, Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Hometown: Rochester, MN

"In 2012, I made the decision to separate from active-duty military service to pursue a career in medicine and science. I knew I wanted a pre-medical curriculum and UMR’s innovative approach to that attracted me."

Learn more about Nolan's experience.

Alyson NarvesonAlyson Narveson, ‘15

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Informatician, Availity Clinical Solutions
Hometown: Princeton, MN

"I was able to work side-by-side with nurses and physicians caring for patients and learn various workflows and processes. This provided me with an understanding of how the health care system worked which is critical because I now teach clinicians how to better care for their patients. "

Learn more about Alyson's experience.

Sarah NiebuhrSarah Niebuhr, ‘19

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Technical Specialist, Mayo Clinic
Hometown: Albert Lea, MN

"I chose UMR because of the medical based curriculum. Subjects that aren’t typically science courses incorporate medicine into the curriculum to provide students with a well-rounded background."

Learn more about Sarah's experience.

Yingzheng XuYingzheng Xu, '20

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Currently Pursuing PhD, University of Minnesota
Hometown: Quingdao, China

"My Capstone experience pushed me to develop computational and programming skills preparing me for my future in bioinformatics."

Learn more about Yingzheng's experience.

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Students pursuing the Emerging Health Technologies Pathway have engaged in meaningful experiences such as these listed below.

Current UMR students: reach out to your Student Success Coach for more information. 

Prospective students: contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Internships and volunteer opportunities allow you to gain valuable experience in a professional field. These opportunities help students develop marketable skills and competencies through hands-on experience, build a network of contacts and gain insight into a professional field. These experiences assist students in finding a career that aligns with personal and professional goals and passions.

    • Kerry Quality Control Internships
    • Preventice Solutions, Client/Sales Support person

You will have various opportunities for employment during your undergraduate studies. The organizations listed below are good places to explore employment opportunities.

    • Undergraduate Research Employment Program at Mayo Clinic
    • Student Work-Study Employment roles at Mayo Clinic

As a student in health sciences, you will have many opportunities to participate in research. Below is a list of previous research experiences students in the Emerging Health Technologies pathway have participated in.

There are other avenues you can take to pursue your pathway as well. Check out the options listed below.

    • CoLab: Computer Coding Group
    • BICB Journal Club (non-credit)

Study Away/Global Travel Experiences