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Student Success Coaches

Every student in the Bachelor of Science of Health Sciences (BSHS) and Bachelor of Sciences in Health Professions (BSHP) programs is assigned a student success coach.

UMR Student Success Coaches

Grounded in the field of student development and in collaboration with faculty, staff, and community partners, student success coaches provide individualized support and broad student advocacy to help students navigate their college experience. By fostering strong relationships, student success coaches mentor students through academic, career and personal development, supporting them to reach their goals through intentional self-reflection.

Values and Principles

Student Success Coaches are guided in their practice to:

    • Embrace a holistic approach
    • Encourage and model an appreciation of diversity
    • Promote engagement
    • Support and promote a proactive mindset
    • Strive for meaningful, authentic relationships

Academic Coaching

    • Help students develop an education plan that could align with more than one health science pathway
    • Check in with faculty to gain an overview of student progress
    • Challenge and support students to meet their academic goals
    • Help students navigate through academic policies and program and system-wide graduation requirements

Career Coaching

    • Encourage engagement and reflection of multiple career options within health sciences
    • Help prepare students fro their next steps after graduation
    • Challenge and support students to create multiple career paths

Life Coaching

    • Support students through different transitions of their college career
    • Support students through personal impacts that can happen during a college education and direct students to the appropriate resources

Student Success Coaches

    • Understand and communicate the BSHS curriculum
    • Listen to and respect students
    • Assist students in creating an educational plan that meets their academic and career goals
    • Talk with students about their academic progress in courses and identify strategies for improvement
    • Be available to answer questions and/or meet with students
    • Refer students to resources


    • Check their U of M email and respond in a timely manner
    • Respect that their Coach does not have all the answers
    • Be open and willing to consider other perspectives
    • Review their APAS report
    • Reflect on their academic and career goals and be open to discuss them
    • Reach out to their coach
    • Commit to meeting with their Coach at least once per semester

I truly believe that as student development professionals we get both the responsibility and the privilege to help students reflect on their lives to find meaning and unlock their potential.

-Jenn Hooke

Meet the Team

Dr. E Fowziyyah Ali (she/her/hers)

Student Success Coach and Coordinator of the Health CORE Living Learning Community


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Education: Ph.D. in Health Education (A.T. Still University); M.S. in Educational Administration (University of Phoenix); M.S. in Educational Technology (American Intercontinental University); B.S. in Organizational Management (Oakwood University)

Hometown: Born in Tallahassee, Florida; lived in St. Louis, MO;  lived in Oakland, CA; lived in Syracuse, NY and Rochester, NY; lived in  Alabama: Huntsville, Athens, Birmingham, and Gadsden.

Get to know Dr. Ali: My passion is advocating for students to become familiar with using metacognition learning strategies. As a health educator I am interested in health literacy, nutrition, diverse holistic healing strategies, horticultural therapy, those living with chronic health conditions, developmental disabilities, and inherited blood disorders such as sickle cell disease and thalassemia.

Countries that I have traveled to include: Iceland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland, East & West Germany, and Saudi Arabia. Music that I enjoy: Jazz from around the world, Classical, Rock & Roll, Blues.  Books that I  like to read: historical fiction mysteries with culturally diverse characters, science fiction, non-fiction historical, educational, and scientific literature. Fun Fact: I took piano lessons for 12 years.

Groups Served by Dr. Ali: 

Favorite Quote: “Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.” - Mary McLeod Bethune

Lainey Brottem (she/her/hers)

Student Success Coach


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Education: Ph.D. in Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership (University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO); M.A. in English Language and Literature (University of Northern Colorado); B.A. in English and Sports Studies (St. Olaf College)

Hometown: Chisago City, MN

Get to know Lainey: I suppose the three words that would come closest to identifying me are ATHLETE, WRITER, and NERD. I played three sports in college (basketball, golf, and soccer) while reading a lot of Stephen King and watching a  lot of Star Trek and Star Wars. I love to write: academic, fiction, you name it. Writing is also the thing I am best at. I like classic rock music, especially Pink Floyd. My final word is LEARNER. I love to learn new things, and you can’t go around a corner or down a hallway at a college without learning something you didn’t know before. I like to read and watch movies, go to sporting events, play golf and basketball, and I hate to be indoors in the summer unless I have to be. My favorite place in the world is on my parents’ back deck, looking out at the lake. If my favorite people are with me, even better: my parents who are in their 80s and still going strong; my sister who’s a doctor, too, in Psychology; my partner who was a college athlete, also (but he got a little farther than I did: he played for the Minnesota Twins); my two grown sons who are both actors, one on stage and one in film. A day that includes all these people? That’s a good day.

Groups Served by Lainey: 

Favorite Quote: “In my family, if you use ten words when you could have used twenty, you’re just not trying very hard.” - President Jed Bartlet, The West Wing

Jenn Hooke

Jenn Hooke (she/her/hers)

Interim Director of Student Success Coaching


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Education: M.S.Ed. in Student Affairs Administration (University of Wisconsin La Crosse); B.A. in History and B.A. in Secondary Education-Social Studies (University of Maryland, College Park)

Hometown: Eden Prairie, MN

Get to know Jenn: Education and learning have always been passions. After growing up in the Twin Cities, I moved to the Washington D.C. area for college and discovered a love of working with students, becoming a social studies teacher. When I moved to Rochester, I was glad to find a position in the Admissions Office at UMR, finding new ways to work with students. There were both amazing opportunities and challenges recruiting students for our brand new BSHS program. I eventually wanted closer relationships with the students I recruited, so I pursued my masters degree and was lucky enough to move into the coaching role in 2012.  In my spare time, I love to experience the world through the eyes of my two young daughters, walk and run my rambunctious dog, and read as many books as I can!  I love working with students and helping them reflect, make decisions, and make the most out of their college experience.  

Groups Served by Jenn: 

Favorite Quote:  

“To love what you do and feel that it matters; how could anything be more fun?” ~Katharine Graham

Anna Ribikawskis (she/her/hers)Anna Ribikawskis

Senior Student Success Coach


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Education: M.S. in Counseling and Student Personnel (Minnesota State University Mankato); B.A. in Communication Studies (St. Norbert College)

Hometown: Prior Lake, MN

Get to know Anna: I have always enjoyed connecting with and developing others. One of my favorite hobbies is to have deep, meaningful conversations with people. This value and passion has been with me throughout my career development. I worked as a nanny, gymnastics coach, and staffing coordinator before finding my way to becoming a Student Success Coach in 2012. As a coach, I strive to listen, encourage, challenge, and support students.

Outside of work, I am very busy having fun with my 3 daughters. My spouse and I enjoy hosting neighborhood parties and making people feel welcome. As a family, we seek adventure in the outdoors and connection to nature.

Groups Served by Anna: 

Favorite Quote: “If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.” - Maya Angelou

Betsy Stoltz(she/her/hers)Betsy Stoltz

Student Success Coach


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Education: M.S. Educational Leadership (Minnesota State University, Mankato); M.F.A. in Forensics - Communication Studies (Minnesota State University, Mankato); B.A. in Psychology/Speech Communication (Southwest Minnesota State University)

Hometown: Owatonna, MN

Get to know Betsy: Originally from Owatonna, MN, Betsy earned her B.A. in Speech Communication and Psychology from Southwest Minnesota State University, M.F.A. in Forensics - Communication Studies from Minnesota State University, Mankato and a M.S. in Educational Leadership from Minnesota State University, Mankato. In addition to serving as an academic advisor, Betsy has experience teaching communication studies courses as well as coaching collegiate speech and debate teams.  In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors, gaming, and spending time with friends and family.  

Groups Served by Betsy: 

Favorite Quote:  “Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better. “ - Maya Angelou

Alan Thompson(he/him/his)Alan Thompson

Student Success Coach


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Education: M.S. in Counseling and Student Personnel (College Student Affairs) from Minnesota State University, Mankato; B.A. in Journalism and Spanish from Augustana University

Hometown: Rural Nicollet, MN

Get to know Alan: Alan grew up on a small family dairy farm. He worked one year in public relations for Fortune 500 companies and lived in Colombia for two years, where he taught English and coordinated the Ministry of Education’s bilingualism program. Alan served as a study abroad advisor for Latin America for four years in Austin, TX. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with loved ones in nature, speaking Spanish, listening to music in Portuguese & playing pickleball. 

As a coach, Alan advocates for student needs and student success to make all students feel welcome and improve institutional processes. He challenges and supports students to achieve success–whatever that looks like for them.

Groups Served by Alan: 

Favorite Quote: “It takes time to live. Like any work of art, life needs to be thought about.” - Albert Camus