Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences

The Center for Learning Innovation at UMR offers a baccalaureate degree program, the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS), that provides education and training for students interested in Health Professions career programs, graduate education, and professional degrees. Students share a common curriculum during the first two to three years. The remainder of the degree program is targeted to the students’ career aspirations and includes certificate programs in Health Professions and preparation for graduate programs and professional schools in the health sciences.

In the fast-moving world of health sciences, overlap is constant and change is inevitable. Rather than segregate health care topics, the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences weaves them across natural and social sciences, math, arts, and humanities for an approach that deepens understanding and sharpens problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Translating insights from research on learning and teaching into the classroom and emphasizing liberal education and integration across the sciences are the hallmarks of this degree program.

UMR students thrive in innovative learning labs, a dynamic and hi-tech environment that's a far cry from typical chalkboard-and-lecture classrooms. You might start the day in a traditional lab learning about complex molecular structure, only to find yourself later sitting cross-legged amongst your fellow classmates, employing chemistry terms to pen creative haikus about the experience.

BSHS Faculty are deeply rooted in the health sciences and committed to developing our integrated curriculum. They work closely with colleagues in other fields, employing the highest-caliber teaching methods to transmit what is, truly, life-altering education.

Our strategically-selected Student Success Coaches function as academic, personal, and career-path advisors throughout each student's time at UMR. Come to them with whatever you're facing—a rough exam grade, a rocky relationship, homesickness. Trust: they've got your back.

Capstone Experiences are a critical component of the BSHS curriculum that allow students to personalize their degree path with a set of learning opportunities focusing on their unique academic and professional goals. Capstones may include up to 30 upper-division credits, as well as non-credit experiential opportunities, and are completed after a student reaches Junior status in the BSHS program.