University of Minnesota Rochester Respiratory Care student describes medical equipment to a child patient.

Early Assurance and Accelerated Programs

Community-based learning is valued and required. 


The unique nature of UMR's Health Sciences degree allows students to get a head start on many health careers.

Most recently, the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic have partnered to provide NXT GEN MED: A groundbreaking, innovative partnership to re-envision the education of future health care leaders.

At present, UMR has partnerships with the following programs:

Early Assurance 

Early Assurance programs allow students to apply as high school seniors for entry into both the initial Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences undergraduate program and either a professional certificate or graduate program. As long as students meet all of the requirements, they do not need to reapply to the second program. Most of these programs also give students the opportunity to interact with faculty in the professional or graduate programs and learn more about the profession through mentoring and shadowing opportunities. Some Early Assurance Programs are accelerated, reducing the student’s total time to completion, by allowing them to begin the professional certificate or graduate program in their senior year.

Accelerated Programs

Often referred to as “3+2,” “4+1,” or other combinations of numbers, accelerated programs allow students to complete programs in a reduced amount of time. This saves students both time and money. 

The programs listed below are accelerated in different ways. Some are accelerated undergraduate degrees, others allow students to receive an undergraduate degree and a certificate upon completion and finally, some offer a faster way to complete a combination of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

University of Minnesota Rochester 

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences

Winona State University

Northwestern Health Science University

*Students receive an undergraduate and graduate degree

**Graduates receive an undergraduate degree and a professional certificate 

***Program is an early assurance and accelerated program