University of Minnesota Rochester student looks ahead toward the future.
Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences


NXT GEN MED will provide a fast-paced, high-tech learning environment that includes hands-on experiences and mentorship that provide relevant career experiences and support, proven in the field to foster academic success and career readiness.

Inquisitive minds create future leaders.

University of Minnesota and Google Cloud have partnered to provide a groundbreaking new kind of college experience developed to build future health care leaders. This year-round, 2.5 year program is designed for inquisitive students who want to solve the world’s health care challenges. Students will experience small, diverse classes and strong career and academic support

In a time of escalating health care costs, lagging national health care quality, and wide disparities in access to health care, students want to make a difference beyond providing patient care

NXT GEN MED graduates will understand how to use data with a team to solve the world’s most complex health challenges. In two and a half years NXT GEN MED students have a degree and the competencies you need to start a career in the health care industry; for example: 

  • Community Health Navigator
  • Digital Health Project Manager
  • Healthcare Financial Counselor 
  • Health Innovation - Research Support Specialist
  • Healthcare Research - Project Manager
  • Healthcare Business Services Specialist  
  • Research Education Specialist 
  • Healthcare Supply Chain Specialist 
  • Home Medical Equipment - Patient Training & Support 
  • Healthcare Data Integrity Document Specialist 
  • Healthcare Patient Registration Specialist 
  • Healthcare Strategy - Project Management
  • Patient Education Specialist

NXT GEN MED will also prepare students for advanced study in the following areas:

  • Masters of Health Administration
  • Masters of Health Innovation
  • Masters of Public Health
  • Masters of Business Administration

What can you expect from NXT GEN MED? 

  • A paid Mayo Clinic internship.
  • A versatile University of Minnesota college degree in health sciences.
  • A Student Success Coach.
  • A Mayo Clinic mentor. 
  • Real world experience integrated into their education.
  • Year-round courses positioning graduates to enter a career sooner.
  • Research experiences to build on your curiosity and fuel your drive to discover solutions.
  • A digital portfolio, where you can document your learning and progress as you go, showcasing your accomplishments to future employers.
  • A cutting edge technology platform that includes high-tech support to help you document your learning and see your progress toward your career, powered by Google Cloud’s unmatched technology and tools.
  • Participation as a member of the NXT GEN MED Living Learning Community
  • Summer scholarships

Get a headstart on your career. 

NXT GEN MED is a year-round program, positioning graduates to enter the workforce sooner and lessen overall college costs.

The University has taken the traditional eight-semester bachelor's degree and applied it to a yearly calendar allowing students to earn a bachelor’s degree in 2.5 years. NXT GEN MED students will take courses for seven consecutive semesters.

Already certain you’re NXT GEN MED material?

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Apply today at and take the first step toward launching your career in solving the world’s most complex health challenges. 

  1. Apply to the BSHS program using either the Common App or the Raptor App.
  2. Complete the NXT GEN MED supplemental application.

NXT GEN MED is a limited access, rolling admissions program for new freshmen.