Rockie posing in front of civic center.

Meet Rockie!

Get to know Rockie! Learn more about UMR’s mascot, Rockie.

Rockie the Raptor is the official mascot of the University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR). 

Rockie’s number one fans are UMR students and #FutureRaptors. Rockie enjoys spending his time  supporting UMR’s students in their educational journey  while spreading school spirit. Rockie attends many events on-campus, greets prospective students during Admissions visit days and cheers on students as they walk across the stage at graduation.

Rockie also loves to spread UMR school spirit at local community events. Rockie has been spotted at local events, schools and more.


Get to Know Rockie:

Major: School Spirit

Future Career: Joy spreader  

Born: September 2010

Named: May 2013

Traits: Confident, outgoing, intelligent, funny/witty, fun-loving and competitive

Raptor species: Birds of prey  

Mantra: “Positivity is key to unlocking your potential.” or "Life is too short to stay grounded. Take flight and see where it takes you."


    • Color: maroon and gold 
    • Food: small rodents
    • Season: winter
    • Music: pop music 
    • Books: science, mystery and action fiction
    • Interests: flying, traveling and sightseeing 
    • Favorite Restaurant: The Perch
    • Favorite Hangout: The Nest 
    • Activity: dancing and an occasional griddy  

Interested in booking a Rockie the Raptor appearance? Please complete the request form. For further information please email the Marketing and Communications department.