Meet Dawood - The Emerging Health Technologies Pathways Featured Student

Authored By: wells438 05/13/2024

Emerging Health Technologies

The ever-growing complexity of modern health care demands solutions that simplify practices and serve patients. UMR students who aspire to careers in this area will systematically bring their knowledge and skills to solving health problems through the creation and application of innovative technologies.

Dawood Al Dawood

Dawood Al Dawood, ‘23

Emerging Health Technologies
Major: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology - MS
Hometown: The State of Kuwait - of a Palestinian ethnicity

Why did you choose to come to UMR? I chose UMR because of the variety of opportunities that it offers. Also, I found UMR was a place of high quality of education, a strong sense of community and cultural diversity.

How did your Capstone experience prepare you for your future in what you’re currently doing? My Capstone project was one of the most important experiences that helped me learn more about my potential and how to shape an organized plan for both the short-term and long-term goals.


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