Student Conduct

Students studying in Rochester are subject to the University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) campus procedures for potential violations of the code.

Potential conduct violations can be resolved through informal conversations and resolution, or through a formal hearing process. Both processes are based on the concepts of respect for all community members, education through the disciplinary process and fundamentally fair treatment of students.

Reports of potential violations of the code, or other concerns about students, should be submitted using the appropriate form Care Report or General Incident Report, and a member of the Student Conduct Team, Care Team or Title IX Team will follow-up accordingly.


The Student Conduct Team is made up of the following people. All members of the Team can be contacted about any student conduct questions generally, although each also has a more specific area of focus.

    • Dr. Norman Clark, Senior Director of Academic Affairs

    • Mariah Peterson, Residential Life Director

    • Javier Gutierrez Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Engagement, and Equity, 507-258-8106: Title IX Coordinator for students


Student Conduct Procedures
UMR Student Conduct Code Procedure
BSHP Student Conduct Code Procedure with MCSHS
Appendix A: Committee On Student Conduct Hearing
Appendix B: Chancellors Appeal Procedures
Appendix C: Record Retention, Sharing, and Expunging
Appendix D: Academic Integrity Restoration (AIR)
Appendix E: Student Conduct Summary & Rights
Appendix F: Student Conduct Process Overview for Non-Academic Policy Violations


Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is designed to assist you in becoming acquainted with the University community, as well as its policies and procedures. The Handbook also contains the Student Code of Conduct, specifically, information on how to be a responsible member of the community.