Concern Forms

Use the forms below to submit concerns about UMR student, faculty or staff behavior.

If you're unsure which form to use, submit the General Incident/Hate/Bias Report, and the information will be routed to the relevant staff member for follow-up.

Academic Integrity Report

Purpose: To submit information about an incident involving plagiarism, cheating, or other academic integrity issues.

Next Steps: The academic-representative on the Student Conduct Team will be in contact with you following submission of the report.

Care Report

Purpose: To communicate concerning behavior about a student to the UMR Care Team. Concerns may be related to a student's health, relationships, academic difficulty, including hate/bias incidents, or unknown.

Next Steps: The Care Team will review your report and make determination on how to best offer support to the identified student.

COVID Care Form

Purpose: To notify the COVID Care Team that you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms within the last 72 hours that are not related to a pre-existing health condition or if you have been in contact with an individual who has COVID-19. If you need consultation related to COVID-19, need assistance in testing or other forms of care, and/or want to submit concern or care for another individual, you may also use this form.

Next Steps: The COVID Care Team, a collaborative administrative team designed to provide support and resources to any UMR community member experiencing an impact from COVID-19 will contact you within 12 hours of the completion of this report.

General Incident/Hate/Bias Concern Form

Purpose: To submit information about violations of the student conduct code, housing policy, hate/bias incidents (non-academic), or any other incident that needs awareness.

Next Steps: Depending on the nature of the concern, this report will be reviewed by the Student Conduct Team, Director of Human Resources or Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Engagement, and Equity.

Sexual Assault, Harassment, Relationship Violence or Stalking Report

Purpose: To report any concerns about a possible sexual assault, sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking or relationship violence. If you are unsure how an incident might be categorized, submitting a form can get a conversation started with the appropriate member of the Title IX Team.

Next Steps: Student issues are forwarded to the Title IX Coordinator for Students. Faculty or staff issues are forwarded to Title IX Coordinator for Faculty/Staff.


If you're not sure which form to use, submit the general incident form, and the information will be routed to the relevant staff member for follow-up.


Campus Safety and Community Standards

One of UMR’s primary concerns is to create and maintain safe living and learning environments for UMR students. The Office of Residential Life works in conjunction with campus-wide safety partners and the city of Rochester to ensure that your time here is conducive to learning and living without interference.