Hate/Bias Incident Report

The purpose of a hate/bias incident report is to monitor the occurrence of hate/bias incidents both on and off campus.

A hate/bias incident is any non-criminal act motivated, in whole or in part, by the victim's actual or perceived racial/ethnic identity, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion, social class, immigrant background, disability, veteran status or age.

The identity of the victim/target will be kept confidential to the maximum extent possible under applicable state and federal law. 



Hate Bias Report Button

Submitting a report may or may not result in criminal or university action, depending on the type of incident and the victim's willingness to take further action.

If you have experienced or witnessed hate/bias, first, ensure the safety and well-being of yourself and those around you. Should you feel unsafe call 911. Once you feel secure, document as much of the incident as possible, which includes taking pictures should there be visible evidence. Make sure to complete a Hate/Bias Incident Report by completing the General Conduct Report Form and attach any documentation that you may have collected.

If you are in a position to play a supporting role, keep in mind that victims/targets of hate typically have three essential and immediate needs: the need to feel safe, the need to be heard and the need to know what happens next. Do what you can to create safety, display empathy and then explore and communicate action steps.

Anyone who has experienced, witnessed or learned of a hate/bias incident should complete this form. You may fill out as much or as little information as you choose, but in order for the University to respond most effectively, it is important to include as much information as possible. Please include your name if you wish to be contacted. If you are under 18 years of age, there may be situations where an official police report will need to be made. If you are under 18 years of age and do not want to make an official police report, do not include your name on this form.

We encourage you to report regardless of whether you are certain it is a hate/bias incident. The response team will determine if it is an issue of hate/bias and move forward accordingly.

Yes, the response team can respond to off-campus incidents. The campus community and climate extends beyond on-campus incidents and occurrences and the Diversity and Inclusion Committee believes it is important to be aware of what is occurring in the community.

Summaries of all submitted Hate/Bias Incident Reports are entered into the Diversity and Inclusion Committee's database. Although there are some unique situations, depending on location and those involved, when reports are forwarded to necessary administrators, for the most part, only the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Engagement has access to full reports.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee meets to review and compile Hate/Bias Incident Reports. This document does not include any personal or identifying information and is a means to provide transparency for interest and awareness.

Hate/Bias Incident Reports are also sometimes used for Campus Climate reporting for educational purposes. Using examples of hate/bias is an effective way to engage our community in conversations regarding hate, bias and inclusion.

If you file a Hate/Bias Incident Report, you will have the option to have a conversation with someone about the incident which occurred.

Regardless of whether you file a Hate/Bias Incident Report, there are many resources for you on this campus if you would like to talk to someone about what you have experienced or witnessed. You can reach out to any faculty or staff you feel comfortable sharing with and you are welcome to contact any member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee to have a conversation.

Yes. The Hate/Bias Incident Report is for students, staff and faculty. We encourage all members of our community to utilize the Hate/Bias Incident Report as a resource.

Students who have been identified as suspects will be investigated in a manner consistent with the impact of the incident. Should the response team deem the incident a violation of the University of Minnesota Student Conduct Code, the perpetrator will be notified and be dealt with accordingly.

As with all reports, our process is one of privacy. The individual(s) who filed the Hate/Bias Incident Report will work with the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Success and Engagement to determine whether to pursue a formal complaint. If so, you may be contacted to discuss the incident.

Regardless of intentions, there is always an impact on the other end and therefore a Hate/Bias Incident Report should be completed in these situations as well.

One of UMR’s core values is Diversity and Inclusiveness; UMR is committed to fostering a diverse, welcoming campus climate. UMR views hate/bias incidents and all prejudice or intolerance as contradictory to our core values. All such incidents have to be addressed appropriately, which depends on the nature of the incident, the location and the people involved. Submitting this form will help us better understand our campus climate and help create an environment where everyone feels welcome.