UMR student smiling and holding canoe paddles

Health CORE

"To me, Health CORE is more than just a living-learning community of underrepresented students. Health CORE is a family, an incredible support system where we challenge each other to do our best and become the best future health care professionals. My fellow Health CORE members taught me so much and opened my eyes to new foods, cultures, experiences and perspectives." - Mason, UMR Alumna

Mission. The Health CORE (Community of Respect and Empowerment) enhances diversity and inclusivity in the UMR student experience through intentional community development and support. Students who commit to this special program are future health care professionals who are diverse, active, accountable, respectful and empowered.

Vision. The ultimate aim of Health CORE is to support the success of underrepresented students who will transform the health care field with their distinct perspectives.

Objectives: As a resident of the Community of Respect and Empowerment (CORE), you will model respect and become empowered in the following ways:


  • Actively participate in creating a positive and diverse community, modeling habits of interaction that enhance belonging and accountability with other CORE students in the residence hall.

  • Interact constructively across ethnic, socioeconomic, racial and other differences, seeking understanding and demonstrating value.

  • Model the UMR values of respect; diversity and inclusion; and community.

  • Maintain standards of the UMR Student Code of Conduct.

  • Demonstrate self-respect and self-awareness by seeking assistance as needed.

  • Increase appreciation for diverse perspectives in problem-solving and team-building.

  • Manage conflict constructively within the Living Learning Community (with assistance, as needed).

  • Communicate regularly with Health CORE staff.


  • Create academic goals and time management plan with CORE peers, holding one another accountable.

  • Document utilization of UMR student resources, including academic support via JustASK and other faculty office hour visits; disability resources, if needed; wellness support and ongoing stress management activities; and coaching from Student Success Coaches and Health CORE staff.

  • Be civically engaged with a campus or community organization committed to diversity and inclusivity.

  • Participate in weekly CORE activities designed to enhance success (appreciation of difference, resiliency, study habits, self-awareness of learning styles and needs, intercultural competence, stress management, etc.)

  • Maintain good academic standing.

  • Thrive as a student and ultimately, a health care professional.

Abdirahman Ikar
Student Success Coach and CORE Coordinator
Phone: 507-258-8077