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Health CORE

Live and learn with health sciences students who share your passion.

A place to belong, a community to call your own.

The Health CORE (Community of Respect and Empowerment) Living Learning Community (LLC) enhances diversity and inclusivity in the UMR student experience through intentional community development while seeking to empower students with the competences they need to achieve success in their aspirations to become a health care professional, as well as an effective agent for positive change within their communities. 

The aim of the Health CORE LLC is to support the success of underrepresented students, including, but not limited to first generation, Pell Grant eligible, and veterans; supporting all participants throughout their four-year term at UMR while cultivating their growth and personal development into ethical, persistent, and resourceful servant-leaders.

The Health CORE LLC strives to promote practical applications through monthly meetings and community service to build and promote participative democracy, collaboration, accountability, responsibility, equity, and social justice among students. 

Health CORE LLC is a Living Learning Community with a four-year scholarship component which requires participating students to:

1) First Year and Transfer students must attend the summer Bridge week-long program.

2) Students must live-in a campus residence facility for two years.

3) Participation in both a fall and a spring retreat are required. 

4) During each academic year 10 hours of community service must be documented. 

5) Students must attend monthly Health CORE meetings. 

6) One aspect of maintaining satisfactory academic progress is gaining knowledge of metacognition and learning strategies to enhance the development of goals representative of a growth mindset in conjunction with self-management plans. 

7) Students must meet regularly, virtually or in-person, with the Health CORE coach. 

8) Students will be encouraged to utilize campus support services, and when appropriate to participate with academic research, internships, study abroad, and the national student exchange.

9) All participants will be held accountable and must learn to accept personal responsibility for the choices that they make.

10) All students are encouraged to actively seek and apply knowledge that supports the realistic achievement of self-awareness, self-motivation, self-efficacy, self-responsibility, resiliency, intercultural competency, and lifelong learning.

Students who commit to the Health CORE LLC eventually evolve into future health care professionals who actively model UMR values and the UMR Student Code of Conduct through their daily activities, habits, and interactions with people on campus and in the community. 

E Fowziyyah Ali, CHEd/ CHES

Health CORE Coach & Coordinator

Office Loc: USquare 362