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Living Learning Communities

Live and learn with health sciences students who share your passion.

A place to belong, a community to call your own.

As part of the First Year Experience at the University of Minnesota Rochester, beginning fall 2023 all new, incoming, first-year students will participate in a unique Living Learning Community (LLC) or Residential Living Learning Communities. These communities help connect students with similar interests both in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Students work together with the guidance of a faculty or staff member or peer advisor to shape their out of class learning experiences and take responsibility for their shared community. Each LLC provides opportunities for leadership, civic engagement and further development of one's own self identity as a future health care professional. 

When applying to an LLC, students will have the opportunity to rank their LLC preference from the following Living Learning Communities:



The following are Residential Living Learning Communities. These communities are centered around mutual interests, intellectual, cultural and social affinities:

  • Sustainable Living 

    • The Sustainable Living LLC provides students the opportunity to expand and share their understanding of environmental responsibility and advocacy. This community focuses on the social, economic, political and scientific issues affecting our Earth’s urban, rural and global environment and the connection to health care.
  • Nursing 
    • The Nursing LLC is centered around building relationships and providing support to one another as students proceed through the nursing program. Members will participate in programming related to the profession’s commitment to a more equitable and inclusive culture.
  • Economic Disparities in Health Care 
    • The Economic Disparities in Health Care LLC is open to students interested in exploring socio-economic issues and their effect on access to health care.
  • Social Justice
    • The Social Justice LLC is for students who seek to engage in open ended discussions and build their leadership skills in health care as it relates to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, ability, citizenship, political ideology and other identities.
  • Gender and Sexuality
    • The Gender and Sexuality LLC is open to all students interested in learning and advocating for sexual orientation and gender identity, with a focus on social justice for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Multifaith
    • The Multifaith LLC is intended as a space for students to explore a wide breadth of religions and promote inclusive environments to all students at UMR. This LLC is open to students who commit to building relationships with other students from diverse backgrounds, traditions, worldviews and practices and explore how these different identities inform our society.
  • Intercultural Experiences
    • The Intercultural Experiences LLC provides a space for community members to engage in on-going dialogue that explores the diversity of our many heritages, values and identities.
  • Arts and Health
    • The Arts and Health LLC provides a space for students to explore their artistic interests, passions and the role art plays in health care. 
  • Neurodiversity 
    • The Neurodiversity LLC focuses on how individuals interact with the world around them in many different ways. This LLC will celebrate neurodiverse history, identity awareness and the promotion of education on neurodiversity and disability access at large.
  • Food Justice
    • The Food Justice LLC will think holistically on initiatives that address challenges related to food security and contributions to the health and well-being of society. This LLC will keep long-term sustainability in mind as they develop and address important food justice endeavors.  

Residential themes are subject to change based on capacity and interest levels.

The following Living Learning Communities are built around a core curriculum:

  • Healthy Living 

    • The Healthy Living LLC (HLLC) was developed to support the success of UMR students seeking to maintain and model a healthy lifestyle who will infuse the healthcare field with their transformational living, civic engagement and high-integrity leadership.
  • Global Connections 
    • The Global Connections LLC supports the success of international and domestic UMR students who will infuse the healthcare field with their intercultural competence, global citizenship and commitment to problem solving.
  • HealthCORE*
    • The Health CORE LLC is focused on the success of underrepresented students who will transform the healthcare field with their distinct perspectives.
    • The NXT GEN MED LLC was created to support the success of students in this accelerated program who want to make a difference in health care beyond patient care.


*This LLC has a unique application process and deadline. 

**This LLC is reserved for NXT GEN MED students.

Living Learning Communities
At UMR, we want you to be the healthiest, most well-rounded version of you, and we work to help you achieve this.