Health CORE UMR students canoeing on the lake.

Living Learning Communities

Live and learn with health sciences students who share your passion.

A place to belong, a community to call your own.

A Living Learning Community (LLC) provides a place to connect with other students. Students will interact academically and socially with each other and with faculty and staff, sharing the same passion, interests and possibly the same academic focus.

Each LLC provides opportunities for leadership, community engagement and further development of one's self-identity as a future health care professional.

In alignment with UMR’s grounding value of “evidence-based decision-making,” research shows students who live on campus and participate in high-impact activities such as LLC typically; 

    • Perform better academically 
    • Develop a stronger sense of belonging 
    • Develop meaningful connections with peers and build long-lasting friendships
    • Experience a smoother transition to college
    • Participate in more student activities
    • Are engaged on campus and in the community
    • Get opportunities to develop career competencies and leadership skills 
    • Have higher college completion rates
    • Have higher retention rates

Students in a LLC will:

    • Construct communities based on mutual interests, intellectual, cultural and social affinities
    • Integrate their passion for healthcare with other specialized themes
    • Examine their growth as a student
    • Construct action steps toward social change in health care
    • Create educational opportunities for UMR community members

  • Sustainable Living 
    • The Sustainable Living LLC offers students the opportunity to share and expand their understanding of environmental responsibility and advocacy. This community focuses on the social, economic, political and scientific issues affecting earth’s urban, rural and global environment and the connection to health care.
  • Gender and Sexuality
    • The Gender and Sexuality LLC offers students the opportunity to learn about and advocate for sexual orientation and gender identity, focusing on social justice for the LGBTQIA2S+ community.
  • Intercultural Experiences
    • The Intercultural Experiences LLC provides a space for students to engage in an ongoing dialogue that explores the diversity of our many heritages, cultures, values and identities.
  • Arts and Health
    • The Arts and Health LLC provides a space for students to explore their artistic interests, passions and the role art plays in health care. 
  • Healthy Living 
    • The Healthy Living LLC (HLLC) supports UMR students in maintaining and modeling a healthy lifestyle and prepares them for leadership roles in the health care field through community engagement and high-integrity leadership. 
  • Global Connections 
    • The Global Connections LLC supports the success of both international and domestic UMR students who will bring intercultural competence, global citizenship and a commitment to problem-solving to the health care field.
  • Health CORE*
    • The Health CORE LLC is focused on the success of underrepresented students who will transform the health care field with their distinct perspectives. All students who receive the Health CORE scholarship are members of the Health CORE LLC.
  • Nursing*
    • The Nursing LLC aims to support students as they make progress in the nursing program by building relationships and participating in programming related to the professions commitment to an equitable and inclusive culture.
    • The NXT GEN MED LLC was created to support the success of students in this accelerated program who want to make a difference in health care beyond patient care.


*This LLC is reserved for students accepted into the respective academic/scholarship program.


As part of the first-year experience at UMR, all new and incoming first-year students are required to belong to an LLC. This includes first-year students enrolled in the BSHS, NXT GEN MED and EA Nursing academic programs.

PSEO students who choose to live on campus for their first year are also required to belong to an LLC. 

New transfer students will have the option to participate in an LLC. This includes students who transfer to the BSHS and Nursing programs and meet the housing live-on campus requirement



Students can indicate their top five LLC preferences when completing the housing application. Students will receive information on their LLC assignment after New Raptor Advising and Registration in August.


Programming Fee

There is a one-time LLC programming fee of $100. This fee is applied to students' financial accounts at the beginning of the academic year. The programming fee funds programs and activities throughout the academic year.