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Student Involvement

"When it comes to the relationships and opportunities I've had at UMR, I would say they are life changing. You won't find the same friends and have these experiences anywhere else. You are able to make such deep connections with people, that you find some amazing forever friendships." - Hannah, UMR Senior 

Student Clubs & Organizations

RaptorLink is your resource for everything happening at UMR including upcoming events and activities.

This website includes profiles for all registered student clubs and organizations. Learn more about current student clubs and their upcoming events. You can also sign in to RaptorLink using your school login information to directly join different clubs as a member. For more information about each club, reach out to the club leaders using the contact function in the organization’s RaptorLink profile.

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Rochester Student Association (RSA)

The Rochester Student Association is the undergraduate student government at the University of Minnesota Rochester. RSA functions as the voice of the student body by advocating for student interests in places they don't often get a voice — that includes helping to shape University policy, working with University administrators and the Board of Regents, and engaging legislators at every level of government.

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Current Student Clubs

If you need more information about UMR's Student Clubs, they can be found at the RaptorLink. 

African Cultural Club (ACC)

Our mission is to embrace and educate others on different African cultures while empowering one another on our journey to a successful future. We want to support upcoming minorities in their academic growth and personal growth through a strong community of different ethnic backgrounds. 

We want to create a strong support team for academic success, group volunteerism, and shared connections and networking with outside health care professionals. We want to use this support group to bring unity and closeness among different ethnic backgrounds. 

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Black Student Union (BSU)

Black Student Union (BSU) promotes an opportunity for black students to express their views and concerns on and off-campus. Furthermore, spreading political and social awareness that affects the black community. This organization plans to grow by sharing our ideas and experiences to help educate and bring the community together. 

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Board Gaming Club Rochester

We play board games together to have fun, meet new people, and de-stress from the rigors of class. Do you play competitive or party games, intense or casual? Don't worry because we play them all! We traditionally meet weekly in the 318 Commons lounge at a time designated by our members. But, due to COVID-19, we are exploring more online games (Among Us anyone?) or other games that work well over zoom. We have just started a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, so if you`ve ever been curious about RPGs, now is a great time to reach out!  All are welcome!

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Gender and Sexuality Alliance Rochester (GSAR)

Gender and Sexuality Alliance Rochester was established to open a dialogue for LGBTQ+ people at UMR, create and foster a community for queer folk, and spread awareness about LGBTQ+ issues at UMR and in the broader Rochester community. Our organization has been designed to be more than just an advocacy group, it has given many of us a family away from home and acted as a support system for those struggling with either the sexual orientation or gender identity. Nevertheless, we are welcome to all who not only wish to learn more about our community but become part of it.

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Hiking and Hammocking

We are a group of students who seek peace, adventure, and a sense of community. This club started because a group of first years needed an outlet from the constant studying at UMR. We like to go to different parks for hiking adventures and in the winter we like to plan different outside activities such as sledding, skating, etc.

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The Keytones, are composed of musicians who bring music to the community and Rochester Campus. They sing and/or play a variety of music throughout the year with varying difficulties and tones. They perform at community events, choral events, and host their own concerts throughout the year.

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)

The Minority Association of Premedical Students (MAPS) is a subunit of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) and represents undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students within the medical field. This organization is established to increase the pipeline of minorities into all health professions, as well as create contact between UMR students and medical school students. 


The Navigators are an inter-denominational Christian Ministry that seeks to know Christ, to make Him known, and to help others do the same. The Navigators provide a welcoming environment for college students to explore their faith and engage in fellowship with one another. 

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Pre-Professional Careers Club

Pre-Professional Careers Club provides students with opportunities to reach out to healthcare professionals. Whether it be for information on certain careers or the skills needed for professional schools and health sciences careers. In the past we have put on panels incorporating different health science careers and hands-on events such as suturing and networking events. This upcoming year we plan on hopefully being able to continue our hands-on events and additionally promoting panels that other clubs and organizations put on, as well as the career spotlights. Seeing as though we are one of the largest clubs at UMR,  we will be starting a connection program where we will match our club members with other students to help navigate UMR whether they are a first-year student or just want to connect with their peers.

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Respiratory Therapy Student Organization (RTSO)

The Respiratory Therapy Student Organization (RTSO) is an organization organized and instructed by current BSHP students dually-enrolled at the University of Minnesota-Rochester (UMR) and the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences (MCSHS) for the Respiratory Therapy Program in the heart of MedCity. The goal of this organization is to spread education and equity about the field of respiratory therapy among current students who are interested in pursuing respiratory therapy as a potential future career. This club will prepare students to become strong applicants to the BSHP program at UMR and the Respiratory Therapy Program at MCSHS. Furthermore, this organization will also actively engage with the local community through volunteering as well as spreading awareness of scholarships for health professions majors and respiratory therapy news.

Rochester Hmong Student Association

A collection of individuals who come together and collectively celebrate diversity while establishing the importance of integrating different cultures in medicine through empowering the group to use their voices and instilling the confidence in those who come from marginalized backgrounds to be ambitious. 

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Rochester Muslim Students Association

The MSA strives to create a safe environment for people of all faiths to come together to engage in learning and strengthen intercultural awareness. We hope to create a community where members, regardless of religious or ethnic background, are able to discuss and learn about Islamic culture, beliefs, and practices. The MSA believes it is beneficial for future healthcare professionals to gain experiences in diverse environments to create a strong foundation for positive future patient-provider relationships. We hope to be one step in your journey towards intercultural competence and personal growth.

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SASHA (Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Awareness)

Open a dialogue on the UMR campus about sexual assault and sexual harassment, create a community that everyone on the UMR campus can feel safe in, and spread awareness about issues of sexual violence at UMR and in the Rochester community.

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Sierra Student Coalition

The Sierra Student Coalition at the University of Minnesota Rochester is focused on three objectives: research, education, and community impact.

Research: provide UMR students with the resources to participate in health focused environmental research. Education: provide educational opportunities about health focused environmental issues and health focused environmental advocacy training. Community impact: our members will positively impact the UMR community, Rochester, and beyond through research, education, and advocacy.

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UMR Ballroom Dance

The Ballroom Dance Team, established in the fall of 2009, consists of a group of students (with and without prior dance experience) that have a desire to learn how to dance the different styles of ballroom dance. These styles include the American Smooth and Rhythm styles, as well as International styles of Latin and Standard. The ballroom team takes part in the community by volunteering and attending social dances put on by USA Dance each month. Individuals are able to join throughout the year with most newcomers joining towards the beginning of the academic year. 

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UMR Global Discoveries Club

  • The club that is part of the Child Family Health Institute (CFHI)
  • We travel to different countries to participate in two-week internships
  • Learn about how different health care institutions work
  • Discover cultures and values

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UMR Research Club

We encourage students to explore and increase knowledge within the field of research in its many contexts.  Through this club, we hope to allow students to grow and become responsible, analytical, and efficient research professionals. Following this club, we hope students can use their new experience to strengthen their applications to pursue opportunities in research.

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