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Student Involvement

"When it comes to the relationships and opportunities I've had at UMR, I would say they are life changing. You won't find the same friends and have these experiences anywhere else. You are able to make such deep connections with people, that you find some amazing forever friendships." - Hannah, UMR Senior 

Student Clubs


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Student Contact: Rafaelle Moser-Baglio (
Staff Advisor: Will Harmon (

318CC provides an opportunity for residents at UMR to advocate for the in-hall experience to campus leadership, and be active and influential in the creation of a positive community. Empowering our residents to advocate for, and create, their own living experience at UMR is a hallmark of our housing program, and we rely upon our student leaders to guide our program. More connected, experienced student leaders, who have already taken the responsibility to create an experience for their peers will have a great impact on the totality of our institution for years to come.

Student Contact: Christine Chukwuocha (
Staff Advisor: Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran (

African Cultural Club benefits the University community by promoting diversity, inclusion, cultural awareness, opportunities for future success, and empowerment of the African heritage.

Student Contact: Elizabeth Patterson (
Staff Advisor: Rachel Nguyen (

The Ballroom Dance Team, established in the fall of 2009, consists of a group of students (with and without prior dance experience) that have a desire to learn how to dance the different styles of ballroom dance. These styles include the American Smooth and Rhythm styles, as well as International styles of Latin and Standard. The ballroom team takes part in the community by volunteering and attending social dances put on by USA Dance each month. Each year the team will make weekend trips to different competitions held throughout the Midwest competing against other colleges in the region. Registration is typically midway through the fall semester.

Student Contact: Breanna Enger (
Faculty Advisor: Aaron Bruenger (

Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is a student-led group on the UMR campus. CAC raises money collectively throughout the year for our main event with Relay for Life. The goal is to fund raise money that will be donated to research used to continue the fight in finding a cure for cancer. We do not have a limit for amount of people in the club and would love to see new faces join the group. We meet about twice a month as a group but will have various projects throughout the year that would require a few additional hours of your time. Together we have an ultimate goal of raising money that directly goes to Relay for Life.


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Student Contact: Nicole Ho (
Staff Advisor: Hanna Medin (
Organization Email: (

Meetings include fashion debates, photo taking, sharing ideas, and excursions to explore Rochester or surrounding areas. Our goal is to host a fashion show in the future. We can host themes that people can get involved with for prizes.

Student Contact: Kadley Harmon (
Staff Advisor: Will Harmon (

The activities of the Gaming Club provide students with much needed relief from the hardships of homework and projects. We meet weekly to play board and card games, providing a fun social atmosphere for students.

Student Contact: Jaquie Abens (
Staff Advisor: Will Harmon (

GSAR is here to foster and support a more knowledgeable and accepting community on the topics of gender identity and sexual orientation. We commit our efforts to creating a supportive and social environment for those interested in attending our meetings, sponsoring educational and social events for the broader UMR community, and connecting with Rochester-based organizations that promote the spirit of our organization.

Student Contact: Mckenzie Englund (
Club Email: (
Staff Advisor: Brett Schieve (

Global Discoveries supplies students with the opportunity to discover community-based empowerment and development while educating the next generation of global health leaders, as well as advocating for mindful global health programs around the world. This club travels with the well known CFHI travel organization. With many different programs in many different locations, the travel opportunities are endless.

Student Contact: Macy Busche (
Faculty Advisor: Meena Lyer (

The Program in Occupational Therapy Student Club exists to provide a representation of the occupational therapy (OT) classes in the Program of Occupational Therapy on the University of Minnesota Rochester campus. The organization will promote cooperation between healthcare professionals and students within and outside of OT. The organization will promote awareness on campus and to the general public about OT. Stewardship will be provided to incoming classes. The organization will provide a platform for students in OT to effectively plan events, functions, and fundraisers.

Student Contact: Kayley McDowell (
Staff Advisor: Rachel Jones (

Health Professions Connection will promote the Bachelor of Science in Health Professions programs (Sonography, Echocardiography, Respiratory Therapy, Radiography). It also helps educate prospective students about the different areas of the programs. As well as to connect prospective students with students currently in the BSHP programs, and to prepare prospective students to become competitive applicants.

Student Contact: Jakob Kujath (
Organization Email: (
Faculty Advisor: Brett Hartnagel (

UMR's HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) chapter is orientated to engage students in the medical community of Rochester. We volunteer around the city throughout the school year at different health-related facilities, including the Ronald McDonald House, nursing homes, and more. We also put on multiple fundraising events to raise money for the club as a whole, as well as different organizations in the medical field. This year National HOSA's chosen service project is to raise money and awareness for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation. Finally, HOSA works to bring opportunities to its members through Mayo Clinic speakers, career awareness, and participating in health-related events in the community.

Through the national organization, members also have the opportunity to attend state and national conferences, as well as apply for internships and scholarships available through HOSA's many partners in the medical world. The conferences include seminars with medical professionals, social events with HOSA members from across the country, as well as competitive events, through which members may represent their chapter and participate in health-related competitions against members of other schools.

Faculty Advisor: Rachel Olson (
Organization Contact Information: (

University of Minnesota Rochester's Chapter of Institute for Healthcare Improvement is a group of passionate and dedicated students committed to improving the efficiency, quality and experience that patients receive in healthcare settings.

We are currently involved in multiple projects focusing on healthcare improvement at Mayo Clinic. All members are also working towards online certifications through IHI Open School.

Student Contact: Sirry Tassah (
Staff Advisor: Brett Schieve (

Our goal is to create an inclusive environment to enhance, develop and advance an individual's growth mindset; while sparking students' curiosity for world learning through fun, cultural oriented activities intended to help eliminate cultural barriers.

Activities Include:

  • Cultural nights
  • Dance
  • Games
  • Field Trips
  • Making new friends
  • Potluck

Student Contact: Elizabeth Patterson (
Staff Advisor: Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran (

The Keytones, are composed of about 20 Acapella singers who bring music to the community and Rochester Campus. They sing a variety of music throughout the year with varying difficulty and tone. They perform at community events, choral events, and host their own concerts throughout the year.


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Student Contact: Alexander Hance (
Staff Advisor: Kellie Kutzler (

Minnesota Nursing Student Board (MNSB) is the University of Minnesota's chapter of the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). MNSB serves undergraduate nursing students in the Twin Cities and Rochester locations with the following goals:

To represent the student body and serve as a communication link between the Twin Cities and Rochester locations, the School of Nursing, and the University of Minnesota.

To organize professional, educational, and social events for the School of Nursing student body.

To serve as a means of promoting and supporting student participation in the affairs of the School of Nursing, related student organizations, the National Student Nurses Association, and the University of Minnesota.

To support the goals, objectives and philosophy of the University of Minnesota School of Nursing students.

President: Warda Mohamed (
Faculty Advisor: Aminul Huq (

The MSA strives to create a safe environment for people of all faiths to come together to engage in learning and strengthen intercultural awareness. We hope to create a community where members, regardless of religious or ethnic background, are able to discuss and learn about Islamic culture, beliefs, and practices. The MSA believes it is beneficial for future healthcare professionals to gain experiences in diverse environments to create a strong foundation for positive future patient-provider relationships. We hope to be one step in your journey towards intercultural competence and personal growth.

Student Contact: Sarah Schrupp (
Staff Advisor: Parry Telander (

The Navigators is a non-denominational Christian ministry found on more than 160 campuses across the USA. We love Jesus and love people, and we encourage others to do the same. We take our faith seriously, but we also have some serious fun!

Student Contact: Macy Busche (
Faculty Advisor: Meena Iyer (

The Program in Occupational Therapy Student Club will exist to provide a representation of the occupational therapy (OT) classes in the Program of Occupational Therapy on the University of Minnesota Rochester campus. The organization will promote cooperation between healthcare professionals and students within and outside of OT. The organization will promote awareness on campus and to the general public about OT. Stewardship will be provided to incoming classes. The organization will provide a platform for students in OT to effectively plan events, functions, and fundraisers.

Student Contact: Misk Al Zahidy (
Faculty Advisors: Virginia Wright-Peterson (, Rachel Olson (

The Pre-professional club aims to provide UMR students the opportunity to interact with professionals in the health science field by planning events on campus. These events would include professionals from a variety of health science related careers presenting and informing members about their careers, as well as answering any related questions the members may have.

Student Contact: Peightyn Larson (
Staff Advisor: Anna Ribikawskis (

The Rehabilitation Therapy club aims to provide students with knowledge about diverse therapy practices, careers, and impacts through biweekly activities regarding therapy. This club encourages community engagement through volunteer opportunity as well as networking by hosting two guest speakers per semester. 

Student Contact: Michael Edge  (

BSHP-Respiratory Care students bring in medical equipment commonly used in treating patients to demonstrate their use.

Student Contact: Sarah Vang (
Faculty Advisor: Shanna Altrichter, M.A. (

Contact Information: Rochester HSA Facebook Page

Our biggest and most important event, the Hmong New Year, comes to benefit the University community as it is an opportunity to immerse students, faculties, staff, and community members in our Hmong culture and traditions. It goes to teach diversity, inclusion, and the beauty and power of differences. Not only that, but it also serves as a chance to relax and have some fun in a different form. Overall any event that we bring to our school is to create awareness of who the Hmong are and to promote intercultural competence.

Student Contact: Richelle Buerrman (
Staff Advisor: Kris Barry (

The purpose of SASHA (Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Awareness) is to create an open a dialogue on the UMR campus about sexual assault and sexual harassment, create a community that everyone on the UMR campus can feel safe in, and spread awareness about issues of sexual violence on the UMR campus and in the Rochester community.

Student Contact: Elisabeth Pearson (
Faculty Advisor:  Jessie Barnett (

The Sierra Student Coalition at the University of Minnesota Rochester is focused on three objectives: research, education, and community impact.

Research: provide UMR students with the resources to participate in health focused environmental research.
Education: provide educational opportunities about health focused environmental issues and health focused environmental advocacy training.
Community impact: our members will positively impact the UMR community, Rochester, and beyond through research, education, and advocacy.

Student Contact: Alexander Hance (
Faculty Advisor: Xavier Prat-Resina (

Soccer Club is an easy going, active, group of students that get together once or twice a week to play pick-up games. The times and days of the week that the club gets together varies from semester to semester and sometimes even from week to week depending on schedules.  Polls are used to help determine days of the week that work best for the majority of members. We usually play later afternoons or evenings at Soldiers Field when the weather is nice or indoor games at the YMCA if space is available. Soldier's Field has overhead lights that the club is allowed to use in order to play later evening and night games when it gets dark.  Everyone is invited to join, even if soccer is not your greatest or most favored activity. Player skill levels range from the first time player to lifelong players. If there are any questions feel free to contact any of the leaders for more information.


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Student Contact: Heather Berg (
Faculty Advisor: Cassidy Terrell (

The American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology focuses on building a community of undergraduate students and faculty members that want to advance in the fields of biochemistry and molecular bioldogy research. To learn more go to

Student Contact: Shannon Holmberg (
Faculty Advisor: Kris Barry (

Our activities benefit the University community by offering additional support for those struggling with mental health issues. We provide a way to \bridge the gap\" between the University community and the available counseling/treatment opportunities that are available. There is little effort being made by current University services and groups to actively address the University community about mental issues. Being an active force on campus and not \"waiting\" for people to come to us, it is more likely people struggling with mental illness will choose to seek help.

Student Contact: Anthony Young (
Contact Information: Uconnect Webpage

Founded in 2014, uConnect is a Christian organization on campus whose mission is to connect students into meaningful relationships with each other, with other Jesus followers at local Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod churches, with Christian health professionals, and with Jesus Christ.

Upcoming events and services:

  • Free Saturday lunches at 318 Commons
  • Networking nights with Christian healthcare professionals
  • Rides to local churches on Sunday mornings
  • Carpool opportunities around the city
  • Midweek Bible studies
  • Volunteer opportunities

uConnect welcomes all UMR students to take advantage of these events and services.

Student Contact: Angelica Cruz (
Staff Advisor: Will Harmon (

We will have monthly meetings to discuss events/races we would like to participate in. We will also be filling out weekly running logs to keep track of the progress we make when heading towards our goals. We also plan to host events of our own such as competitions for prizes and club runs together.

How do your activities benefit the University community?
Our activities will help the University community to build up a healthy routine, find confidence when they achieve their goals, and also to establish a great camaraderie between students.

Student Contact: Gabe Cruz (
Staff Advisor: Jeff Baier (

Video Game Club: WAFICG (With a Focus in Competitive Gaming) is about having fun playing some of your favorite competitive video games and bettering your skill while you're at it. We ultimately strive to be in the competitive scene but having fun has more precedence most the time. You don't have to be good to join, just share the interest of having fun while playing some competitive games.