New & Annual Student Group Registration

The student group registration process is how student groups maintain a relationship with the University.

Student group registration is administered through Student Activities and is required annually. Registered groups who do not complete the re-registration process by September 30 will expire and no longer have access to benefits. Student groups that are registered with the University of Minnesota have the ability to conduct activities at the University in accordance with established University policies and procedures. Student Activities maintains an official file/record for registered groups in the Student Activities Office. Any information pertaining to the group’s registration, constitution or classification status contained in the student group’s file/record is considered public information.

Student Activities Advisors can help with the registration process. Contact the Director of Student Activities, Orientation and Leadership, or stop into the Student Success and Engagement Center to schedule a meeting.

Student groups register under:

A voluntary association comprised primarily of students that have no direct relationship to the University; but upon completion of the established registration process, have the ability to conduct activities at the University of Minnesota Rochester campus.

Once a group completes the registration process, they will have access to student group benefits until September 30 of the following calendar year.

Review helpful resources below for a step-by-step guide to register a new student group.

To be considered registered, all groups must submit their re-registration on RaptorLink every September. Any group who does not meet those deadlines may lose access to benefits until they complete the re-registration benefits. Finally, a constitution is required for all student groups.

Re-registering groups are not required to submit a constitution to complete the registration process. They can submit an updated constitution to the Student Activities Office (, then upload any new constitutions to their group's profile on RaptorLink.

  1. New groups must prepare a constitution

  1. Review your group’s constitution and verify that it includes the minimum requirements, including signatures from at least five declared officers.

  2. Save the ratified and signed constitution as a PDF and upload to RaptorLink during the registration process.

  1. The Student Activities Office will review your constitution and communicate with the group if it needs any edits or changes.

  1. One student from each organization must complete the online registration process on RaptorLink.
  2. During the online registration process, submit these required materials and information on behalf of the group:
    1. At least 3 officers (must be students at the University of Minnesota Rochester).

Once the completed form is submitted, the Student Activities Office will review the submission and communicate next steps.

If your form is denied, you will receive notification of missing requirements. Please update the registration submission in RaptorLink and re-submit to Student Activities for approval.

This information will be publicly displayed in the Student Group Directory

  1. Group Name: It is very important to pick an informative student group name. Please follow the rules about naming your group. Add "Rochester" to the end of your group's title (i.e. "Student Activities Board Rochester").

  2. Summary: Add your group’s mission or purpose in 225 characters or less. If you have more to say, use the “Description” field.

  3. Members: Provide a rough estimate of your expected membership in the coming academic year. This has no impact on your registration.

  4. Contact Information: Supply your group’s address, phone number and UMR email address.

  5. Profile Picture: Select a photo that represents your group and its mission.

  6. Officers: A minimum of 3 enrolled officers are required for registration. You will need the UMN Internet IDs of your officers to complete registration.

  7. Categories: Pick up to four categories that best describe your group. You will be listed under these categories in the Student Group Directory. Please select Rochester as one of your group's descriptors.

  8. Interests: Indicate specific interests that students can explore if they join your group.

  9. Descriptions and Questions: You will be able to provide a brief description of your group. You will also be asked to answer these questions below.

    1. List your principle activities, events, or programs.

    2. How do your activities benefit the University community?

    3. How can someone get involved with your group?

RaptorLink Introduction - Registration Step-by-Step (Google Slides)
Use this presentation as a step-by-step guide to register a new student group or re-registering an existing student group.

Template for Club Constitution (PDF)
Use this template to create your club/organization constitution. All items with an asterisk are required.