Rochester Student Association


The Rochester Student Association is the undergraduate student government at the University of Minnesota Rochester. We work as the voice of the student body by advocating for students. RSA bridges the gap between administration and students, which includes:

    • providing student input on University policy
    • attending faculty meetings to represent the student body
    • working with University administrators and the Board of Regents to raise awareness of student concerns 

Visit the Rochester Student Association page in RaptorLink to review the RSA Bylaws and Constitution. 

RSA conducts annual elections to elect new board members. More information and timeline will be shared via the Raptor Report, UMR’s weekly student newsletter.

The biweekly full board RSA meetings are open to any interested party; we’d love to see you there!

Add RSA calendar to your Google Calendar.

RSA Executive Board 2022-23

President: Patricia Hernandez

Vice President: Kaitlyn Komoszewski

Student Rep to the Board of Regents: Brandon Yang

Secretary/Treasurer: Anthony Arias

Student Senator: Taylor Fox 

Student Senate Consultative Committee (SSCC) Rep: Ella Reichenbacher 

Student Rep to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee: Mia Cuccio

Student Rep to Staff Assembly: Tianna Espe

Student Rep to CLI: Heidi Nguyen

RSA works closely with student clubs and organizations to make student-led events happen. The RSA Fund Request form is linked on the RSA RaptorLink page. Student group officers must log in to RaptorLink using their UMN internet ID & password first to access the form.


Guidelines & Requirements for the Request of Funds from the RSA Finance Committee

Please make reasonable requests that will be used to enhance student group efforts. 

    • Be thorough when filling out the form and specify how the purchase(s) will be used to benefit the student group.
      • Accurately itemize the exact costs of specific items.
      • Do NOT estimate.
      • Call/research to get exact prices.
      • Estimation of tax is acceptable if needed.
    • Please allow RSA 1-2 weeks to review the fund request (especially if the amount you are requesting is $100 and more). 
    • If your group is requesting more than $100, you will receive an invitation to attend the next RSA full board meeting and present your request before the board.
      • Keep in mind that the RSA full board only meets biweekly. So plan accordingly and ahead of time. 
      • All fund requests of $100 and more will need to be voted on and approved by the full board before the student groups can access it. 
    • If the amount is less than $100, RSA’s Student Engagement and Finance Committee which is led by the RSA Secretary will review the request. 
    • If you are requesting funds for prizes, the amount per prize should be less than $10 and it must be tangible present. Request for gift cards as prizes will be denied.  
    • It is not guaranteed that RSA will approve all fund requests or all the items that are requested by student groups. 
    • If the fund request is approved or denied or needs future details, you will get an email from RSA Secraturary from the email address. 
    • Once the fund request is approved, email Asmita KC, RSA Advisor & Student Activities Coordinator at to access the funds.
      • DO NOT purchase the item(s) yourself. We don’t go reimbursements.
      • If your group no longer needs to spend the full amount of funds requested, you may spend less and save your remaining fund to be requested in the future.


If you have any questions, please contact RSA Secretary at

Email RSA:

RSA Advisor: Asmita KC,, Student Activities and Living Learning Community Coordinator

Do you have comments, suggestions, or requests for RSA?