Rochester Student Association


The Rochester Student Association is the undergraduate student government at the University of Minnesota Rochester. We work as the voice of the student body by advocating for student interests in places they don't often get a voice—that includes helping to shape University policy, working with University administrators and the Board of Regents and engaging legislators at every level of government. We’re always looking for ways to be more effective and make an even bigger difference in the lives of students, so don’t hesitate to give us feedback, get involved or add your voice.

The Rochester Student Association meetings are open to any interested party; we’d love to see you there!

nRSA Staff (Executive Board):


Benjamin Romanauski

Vice President

Aaron Olson, olso8132@umn.edu

Representative to
the Board of Regents

Pal Koak


Yusra Yusuf 


Tessie Burley

Student Senate Consultative
Committee Representative

MyLe Luong

Representative to Staff Assembly

Nathan Phan

Representative to CLI

Martin Dekam


RSA Staff (Full Board):

Fourth Year Representative

Chandi Katoch

Third Year Representative

Brain Chang

Second Year Representatives

Bridget Osei

Samantha Titus

First Year Representatives

Heaven Aschalew

Jake Atencio

RSA is the voice of UMR students. Learn more by reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws.

The RSA is not currently holding elections

For descriptions of these positions, please review Articles II and III of the Constitution. You can also review the Rochester Student Association Bylaws.

Do you have comments, suggestions, or requests for RSA? Please fill out the Student Concern Form here.

Do you have suggestions, comments, or feedback for the IT department? Please fill out our IT Concerns Form.

Feel free to contact Student Senator, Tessie Burley, tromb061@umn.edu, directly.

Guidelines & Requirements for the Request of Funds from the RSA Finance Committee

  • Student Group should only request funds that will be used within three weeks of the request.

  • If your group would like to request more than $200, you will receive information about attending the next RSA full board meeting.

Keep in mind that the RSA full board only meets every two weeks. Please make sure you request to attend a meeting well in advance of when the money is needed. At the meeting, you will propose your request to the full board and the entire board will vote on whether or not to approve the request.

Please make reasonable requests that will be used to enhance student group efforts.

1. Be thorough when filling out the form and specify how the purchase(s) will be used to benefit the student group.

Accurately itemize the exact costs of specific items.

  • Do NOT estimate.

  • Call/research to get exact prices.

  • Estimation of tax is acceptable if needed.

2. After a decision on the funds has been made, you will receive an authorization form. The authorization form will indicate what item(s) were approved and the amount of money allotted to the student group. The funds must be used within two weeks of approval and will be indicated on the authorization form.

3. Once approved, groups will need to contact the Student Activities and Residence Life Coordinator, Asmita KC at kc000010@r.umn.edu

  • Allocated funds must be used by the date provided on the "Authorization to Spend RSA Funds' form.

  • DO NOT purchase item(s) yourself. No reimbursements can be made.

  • If your group no longer needs to spend the full amount of funds requested, you may spend less and save your remaining fund to be requested in the future.

4. After making a purchase, have the Director of Student Activities, Leadership and Orientation sign and date the "Authorization to Spend RSA Funds" form.

Go to RSA Funds Request Form

With questions feel free to contact Secretary, Yusra Yusuf, yusuf290@umn.edu, directly.

Students who have specific suggestions, concerns, ideas, or complaints regarding their experience as a student at the University of Minnesota Rochester are encouraged to use this form to make those known to the Rochester Student Association.

Feel free to contact Student Senator, Tessie Burley, tromb061@umn.edu, directly.

Contact RSA with any questions, comments, or suggestions at umrsa@r.umn.edu.