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Post-Secondary Admissions

Due to the integrated nature of the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) curriculum, PSEO students attend UMR full-time. For additional information about the courses please visit the UMR Course Catalog.


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The Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program at the University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) allows high school seniors in Minnesota public, private, home and charter schools to take courses on our campus for both high school and college credit.

The costs for tuition and books are subsidized by the State of Minnesota. Courses taken through UMR’s PSEO program are part of the Bachelor in Science Health Sciences (BSHS) program curriculum. The BSHS program offers a rigorous and innovative interdisciplinary curriculum designed to prepare students for a broad spectrum of health science-related fields.

Currently, all 1000 and 2000 level courses offered through the BSHS program are available to PSEO students. However, PSEO students must still abide by prerequisite requirements.

Typical PSEO/First-Year Enrollment

Most PSEO students are enrolled full time (12-15 credits) at UMR during the school year. Over the course of a year, almost all students take CHEM 1331 (Chemical Structures and Properties, 4 cr), WRIT 1501 (Writing and Research, 4 cr), a math course (Pre-Calc I or II, Calculus I, or Statistics, 3-4 cr), and CLI 1000 (Academic Inquiry in the Health Science, 2 cr). Students also choose from classes such as Sociology, Psychology, Ethics, Public Health, and Integrative Biology

PSEO students attend an orientation session and meet with a Student Success Coach to assist with the registration process.

Generally, four (4) UMR credits are equal to one (1) high school credit. PSEO students must talk with their high school guidance counselor about their remaining high school graduation requirements and in order to determine which UMR courses would fulfill these requirements. Students will need the PSEO Notice of Student Registration and Credit Balance Sheet filled out and signed by their counselor.

Consult with the post-secondary institutions you are considering and your high school guidance counselor to determine if the course you would like to take for PSEO at UMR will transfer to those institutions.

The PSEO program covers the cost of tuition, a university e-mail account, required textbooks and consumable course supplies. The PSEO program does not include housing, meals, transportation costs, parking, health services or personal school supplies.

ID cards, also known as "U Cards," are available to PSEO students free of charge for the first card. Instructions on how to get your U Card will be available at PSEO Orientation.

The University of Minnesota Rochester offers the following resources to help students succeed in their college experience:

PSEO students may take PSEO-eligible Summer Session courses but are responsible for all tuition, fees and textbook costs. UMR has limited summer course offerings.

More information about PSEO can be found at the Minnesota Department of Education's PSEO Page.