Nicole Folken, UMR Alumna 2013, holds a folio representing the Business and Leadership Of Health Care career pathway.

The Business and Leadership of Health Care

"I really enjoyed the business administration side of health care when working on my Capstone. This inspired me to obtain my master's in Healthcare Administration. Had I not been given the opportunity during my Capstone, I would not have realized how much I enjoyed that area of the institution." - Nicole Folken, '13

The Business and Leadership of Health Care

The management of health care delivery, including hospitals, public health departments and health care systems is an increasingly specialized role that demands a blend of health sciences knowledge with leadership and entrepreneurial skills. UMR’s BSHS degree is the right foundation for a career as a leader in managing the delivery of medical services. Leading and managing health care systems, students who pursue this extremely high-demand Career Pathway immerse in leadership experiences and industry training in their senior year with the option to enter the workforce and secure employer support for completion of advanced study.

These UMR graduates seek to make a difference through industry leadership, entrepreneurship and health care management. This leadership Career Pathway can be pursued in conjunction with other Career Pathways.

Careers in this Pathway lead to:

    • health care administration
    • health care supply chain specialist
    • health information systems management and support
    • medical device sales
    • pharmaceutical sales

Featured Students

Nicole FolkenNicole Folken, '13

Degree: BSHS, Minor: Business
Current Employment: Field Sales and Services Manager, Mayo Clinic
Hometown: Rochester, MN

"My Capstone experiences gave me confidence in how to interact with professional individuals regardless of title or position. It also taught me how to be efficient and detail-oriented without cutting corners."

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Holly GoelzHolly Goelz, '16

Degree: BSHS, Minor: Business
Current Employment: Clinical Sales, Intuitive
Hometown: Maple Lake, MN

"My Capstone focused on biomechanics of musculoskeletal injuries. I did a semester away in Colorado to work near the Olympic Training Center and was taught by some of the professors that worked with Olympic athletes."

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Rachelle JohnsonRachelle Johnson, ‘15

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Project Manager, Epic
Hometown: Pembine, WI

"UMR's Health Sciences program offered a health care-centric education that allowed me to pursue a wide variety of opportunities after graduation."

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Trenton KanitzTrenton Kanitz, '19

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Monarch Healthcare Management
Hometown: Prior Lake, MN

"The main lesson I learned from these experiences is that someone like me who will not have direct patient contact can still make a positive difference in the patient experience."

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Priya PosaniPriya Posani ‘16

Degree: BSHS, Minor in Management
Current Employment: Director of Professional Services, Propeller Health
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

"Through my Capstone, I was able to understand that I was intrigued by the management side of health care, that I loved building programs and thinking critically about community health, and that I wanted to support underprivileged populations. "

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Gaolunha Nicole VangGaolunha Nicole Vang, ‘14

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Clinical Safety Advisor, Medtronic
Hometown: Oakdale, MN

"The final component [of my Capstone experience] involved spending 15 weeks in Washington, D.C. as a White House intern. This was my favorite part of my Capstone experience. I worked with some of the nation’s most important people on issues that were and still are affecting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders."

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Bre VeerkampBre Veerkamp, ‘14

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Portfolio Administrator in SCM Category Management, Mayo Clinic
Hometown: St. Charles, MN

"My Capstone experience was directly correlated to and an important transition piece for me as a student going from college into the working world."

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Jessica WojcikJessica Wojcik, ‘14

Degree: BSHP
Current Employment: Specialty Sales Manager, CAE Healthcare
Hometown: Little Chute, WI

"Pursuing this opportunity to learn and train in the heart of Mayo Clinic was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I left with the very best education and training, a forever instilled patient-centered mindset and a massive network of people I still lean on to this day."

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Students pursuing The Business and Leadership of Health Care Pathway have engaged in meaningful experiences such as these listed below.

Current UMR students: reach out to your Student Success Coach for more information. 

Prospective students: contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Internships and volunteer opportunities allow you to gain valuable experience in a professional field. These opportunities help students develop marketable skills and competencies through hands-on experience, build a network of contacts and gain insight into a professional field. These experiences assist students in finding a career that aligns with personal and professional goals and passions.

    • Collider Coworking
    • United Health Group Summer Internship

You will have various opportunities for employment during your undergraduate studies. The organizations listed below are good places to explore employment opportunities.

    • Health Unit Coordinator at Mayo
    • Preventice Solutions, Client/Sales Support person 
    • Destination Medical Center, support staff

As a student in health sciences, you will have many opportunities to participate in research. Below is a list of previous research experiences students in the The Business and Leadership of Health Care pathway have participated in.

There are other avenues you can take to pursue your pathway as well. Check out the options listed below.