The Yusuf siblings gathered together at One Discovery Square.
Fall 2022 UMR Alumni Magazine

The Kettle

ket·tle /ke-tᵊl/ noun

A term derived following field observations of hawks, “kettle” means a group of soaring raptors.

Dear Friends and Fellow Raptors,

On behalf of the University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) alumni community, welcome to the third issue of The Kettle.

Since graduating its first class of undergraduate students in 2013, UMR’s alumni community has grown to nearly 1,200. This dynamic group of health care professionals, clinicians, physicians, researchers, analysts and innovators has reshaped the field while tackling unique and complex challenges at the intersection of medicine, research and public health.

This issue of The Kettle captures stories of Raptor alumni and their families, building tradition and establishing campus legacy; it opens a window into the journey of young and aspiring physicians; and shares the connection between benefactor and scholar.

As UMR expands and evolves so, too, does our Raptor family.


The UMR Alumni Advisory Committee

Mohamed Addani ‘18, Nitya Chandiramani ‘17, Glen Morris ‘17, Mikayla Schmidt ‘18 and Rachel Seisler ‘14

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Featured Stories

BSHP Alumni Profile: Finding Her Career, With Heart

Khosiyat Mamatraimova '22 started her new career at Mayo Clinic in August 2022. Just a handful of years prior, she was on the other side of the globe in her home country of Uzbekistan.

BSHS Alumni Profile: Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson '15 didn't plan to attend UMR, but after a bumpy freshman year at a different university, she returned home to Rochester to be closer to her support system.

A Love of Sonography and Similar Backgrounds Unite Benefactor and Student.

Renowned radiologist Dr. Claire Bender blends passion for sonography and education to support Madison Nelson '23 who shares similar values.

Faculty Profile: Cassidy R. Terrell, PhD

Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Center for Learning Innovation reflects on her journey and passion about
supporting women in STEM subjects.

Health CORE Alumni Profile: Maha Siddiqui

Trailblazer Maha Siddiqui ‘19 doesn't shy away from breaking new ground. She was among the students to help faculty
and administrators develop this integral UMR program.

BICB Q&A: Zachi Attia

"The program gave me the freedom and flexibility to organize my classes and thesis work, but I had to be disciplined enough to follow through."

A UMR Family Affair: The Yusuf Siblings

Yaqoub ‘21, Yusra ‘23 and Yasira ‘24 are first-generation students, supportive siblings and aspiring health care professionals providing a new look at the UMR way of life.


Pathway to Becoming a Physician

With innovative curriculum and prosperous resources convinced Pal Koak, Misk Al Zahidy, Victoria Ajayi, Hannah Elsenpeter and Bryar Hansen to start their medical journeys at UMR.

Dear Raptor Alumni,

In this fresh fall semester of 2022, the UMR campus community welcomed a large and enthusiastic first-year class.

Moving onward from the struggles of the last few years into whatever lies ahead, we have been able to keep going by connecting to sources of strength – including a heightened awareness of purpose and a deeper treasuring of time together.

I’ve also heard from many that stories like the ones shared in The Kettle have been fortifying. If you are experiencing challenges, we hope you can reach back to memories of UMR faculty and staff who believed in you and who invested in your learning and development.

Wherever you are in your life journey, please know that we are here on campus rooting for you.

Change is routine these days, and the University of Minnesota Rochester is adapting to enhance the ways we support students.

UMR facilities are expanding to include new housing and a dining service for fall 2023. With this new facility, all first year students will have the opportunity to be in a living, learning community. Watch for the grand opening!

New tech support has emerged from lessons learned in the pandemic. The platform we designed with Google Cloud is being used for the first time by students in an accelerated BSHS program called NXT GEN MED.

A new Mayo Clinic Office for Academic Partnerships now coordinates our many mutual endeavors for students, including mentors, internships, work study, career pathways and more.

Our commitment to equity continues to be the catalyst for new initiatives, including racial healing circles led by a team of faculty, staff, students and community members. To prepare for this work, the team participated in extensive training with the American Association of Colleges and Universities.

UMR graduates are in high demand in all six of our career pathways: patient care; health care research and discovery; public policy and global health; emerging health technologies; resilience, well-being and mental health; and the business and leadership of health care.

If you’re interested in being featured in UMR’s Alumni Career Pathway campaign, let us know with an email to

In June 2023, we will celebrate the 10-year reunion of the first class to graduate from UMR. Stay tuned for more details.

UMR’s first philanthropic campaign is launching soon, focused on generating more student scholarships and investments in innovations that support student success.

On behalf of the UMR community, I must tell you that we miss you! I encourage you to update your contact information so that we can continue to be a source of strength for you – and you can do the same for us.

Onward, learning as we grow…

Chancellor Carrell Signature

Chancellor Lori J. Carrell, PhD

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