Evan Doyle posing in front of USquare at Onward event.
Fall 2023 UMR Alumni Magazine

The Kettle

ket·tle /ke-tᵊl/ noun

A term derived following field observations of hawks, “kettle” means a group of soaring raptors.

Dear Raptor Alumni,

We miss you! This fall, the UMR campus community welcomed new students, faculty and staff back to an expanded campus at our annual Raptor Reconnect celebration.

The campus expansion includes a new UMR Student Life Center, a redesigned and repurposed space you may have known as the DoubleTree Hotel. First and second year students are living in those refurbished rooms, and in this new space, for the first time in UMR’s short history, students have a dining plan along with recreation, an Admissions Welcome Center and other amenities. These new facilities emerged from our partnership with Titan Development and the input many of you provided while you were students. Thank you! I invite you to come back to campus for a visit, to see this and other new spaces. For now, you can read more about the new facilities in this issue of The Kettle.

This past summer, we hosted the 10-year reunion of UMR’s first graduating class. During their June reunion weekend, we launched UMR’s first philanthropic campaign — Onward. Speeches from former Governor Tim Pawlenty, former University of Minnesota (UMN) President Robert Bruininks, Chancellor Emeritus Stephen Lehmkuhle and current Interim UMN President Jeff Ettinger reminded the crowd in Peace Plaza of the great history that brought your campus to Rochester. And then Evan Doyle ’13 took the stage, inspiring us all by describing his UMR education and his work to enhance global health. You can read more about his life journey as you turn the pages of this fall’s Kettle.

During UMR’s Onward campaign, I encourage you to consider becoming a philanthropic partner by contributing to the scholarship fund as your circumstances allow. Perhaps each class could crowd-source smaller gifts into a larger scholarship donation on the occasion of your 10-year reunion—class of 2014, you’re up next!

Other alumni featured in this issue of The Kettle include Amarachi Orakwue ’19 (The Power of Poetry to Heal), Maria Cisneros Pito ’21 (a BSHP Alumni Profile) and Quincy Gu ’23 (Utilizing Technology to Change Medicine). We also profile faculty member Abraham Ayebo and sit down for a Q&A session with Chancellor Emeritus Stephen Lehmkuhle.

On behalf of the UMR community, I must repeat again that we miss you! I encourage you to update your contact information and share your news so that we stay connected as you continue to make us #UMRProud.

Onward, learning as we grow...

Chancellor Carrell

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Featured Stories

The Power of Poetry to Heal

Amarachi Orakwue ’19 discovered her love of poetry in eighth-grade, which inspired her to pursue a life as an artist and a health care provider dedicated to helping others heal.

BSHP Alumni Profile: Maria Cisneros Pito

Maria Cisneros Pito '21 shares her passion for radiography and serving her patients in their most vulnerable and frightening times.

Utilizing New Technology to Change Medicine

Quincy Gu’s motivation to study technology stems from his desire to alleviate the suffering of patients. His internship while at UMR has given him the ability to pursue his passion.

Solving Health Care Challenges Through Policy & Action

Evan Doyle, M.S. shares his journey of paving the way for UMR students as a graduate of the inaugural class of 2013 in UMR's Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program.

Faculty Profile: Abraham Ayebo, Ph.D.

Abraham Ayebo, Ph.D. brings his passion for engaging students in mathematics, challenging and inspiring their growth.

Reflections from Chancellor Emeritus Lehmkuhle

“I am proud that UMR has remained committed to its purpose...I am also very proud of our alumni-how they continue to learn, grow and adapt so they can live their passion to care for others.”

UMR Innovation: Replacing Advisor with Student Success Coach

Jenn Hooke, M.S. and Parry Telander, M.S. share the importance of coaching students and being a part of the students' journey while at UMR.

Dear Friends and Raptor Alumni,

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to talk about this year and my presidency! There were several reasons I ran for Rochester Student Association (RSA) president. I was specifically encouraged by a previous RSA leader. This made me realize that I also wanted to be a leader who would encourage the student body to be involved on campus and create a space where the students can rely on RSA.

I was very honored to be elected as RSA president. Although at times, I experienced imposter syndrome like many college students, but with the support of the student body I was able to overcome that. I am forever grateful for their choice in choosing me as their president for the 2023-24 year.

There are a lot of things that I want to do this year. For the fall semester, we are bringing back the talent show! Another big event currently in the works is a Raptor Night Market, which will include involvement from a number of UMR clubs. The purpose for these events is to build community between students, strengthening familiarity and relationships with one another after the disconnect during COVID.

The current class is thriving and doing amazing. On behalf of the student body, I wanted to say thank you for building a pathway for UMR students who came after you. Because of you, UMR continues to thrive on tradition and plan for the future as we also prepare to fill necessary roles and solve grand health challenges.


Heidi Nguyen

Rochester Student Association President

Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences ’26