Meal Plans

Learn more about each specific meal plan that best fits your everyday needs!

All first and second year students are required to live in UMR’s Student Life Center (SLC) and all students living in the SLC must be on a meal plan. Other meal plan options are also available for faculty, staff and non-SLC students. Meal plan exemptions must be processed and approved through the Disability Resource Center.

  • Student Life Center residents will have the option to sign up for one of the following meal plans:
    • Unlimited - $2,675/semester pending Board of Regents approval in June
    • 14 meals per week - $2,495/semester pending Board of Regents approval in June
  • Dining will have modified hours and/or alternate arrangements made over University breaks and holidays.

  • Block meal plans are reserved for non-SLC students.
  • The 25 meal block plan rate is $300.
  • The 25 meal block plan must be used in an academic semester. Unused meals do not transfer over to a new semester.
  • Block meal plans can be purchased on the Dine on Campus webpage.


  • Individual meal purchases are reserved for non-SLC students.
  • Individual meals can be purchased at The Perch throughout the day using a credit or debit card: 
    • Breakfast: $11.75 + sales tax
    • Brunch/Lunch: $12.75 + sales tax
    • Dinner: $16.25 + sales tax

  • One swipe or visit is equal to one meal on either plan.
  • Students must have a properly functioning UCard to swipe.

  • Convenient access to food at the on-campus dining facility at the Student Life Center, The Perch.
  • Save time by not having to plan meals or shop for groceries.
  • Raptor Eats provides students with a variety of food options and healthy, balanced meals throughout the day. Full nutrition information including ingredients can be found on the Dine on Campus webpage and app. Nutrition cards are also posted next to each menu item inside The Perch.
  • Eating healthy, balanced meals will help students study better and keep students looking and feeling their best! Balanced U is a student’s guide to finding foods that are right for them. Look for the following icons on menu items in the dining hall:
Menu icons
    • “Balanced” identifies menu items that have balanced nutrients and portion sizes, and are limited in calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. 
    • "Vegan" identifies menu items that contain no meat, dairy, eggs or honey. 
    • "Vegetarian" identifies menu items that contain no meat, but may contain eggs or dairy products.