UMR students sharing food with one another

Global Connections Community

"GCC is an opportunity to learn about cultures that you were unfamiliar with, a chance to become more aware of things going on around you and a chance to make friendships that could last a lifetime." - Sirry, Current GCC Member

Mission. The Global Connections Community (GCC) enhances internationalization of the UMR student experience through intentional community development and support. Students who sign up and commit to this special program are future health care professionals who seek to develop as global citizens, increasing cultural understanding, competency, connections and knowledge.

Vision. The ultimate aim of the GCC is to support the success of international and domestic UMR students who will infuse the health care field with their intercultural competence, global citizenship and commitment to problem solving.

Objectives: As a resident of the GCC, you will:

  • Actively participate in creating a positive living, learning community.

  • Develop and demonstrate curiosity for intercultural learning and varied international perspectives.

  • Demonstrate commitment to initiating and maintaining intercultural relationships.

  • Engage in opportunities to understand and embrace cultural differences within your Living Learning Community (LLC), managing conflict constructively (with assistance, as needed).

  • Participate in community gatherings, to share your perspective and continue your intercultural and global learning.

  • Further develop your self-identity as a future health care professional and global citizen.

  • Increase your tolerance of ambiguity, empathy and cognitive complexity – all necessary components of intercultural and global competence.

  • Be civically engaged in endeavors that reveal local-global connections in health care.

  • Maintain the UMR Student Code of Conduct.

  • Maintain good academic standing.

  • Document utilization of UMR student resources, including academic support via JustASK and other faculty office hour visits; disability resources, if needed; wellness support and ongoing stress management activities; and regular coaching from Student Success Coaches and Global Connections staff.

  • Thrive as a student, and ultimately, a health care professional.

Asmita KC
Student Activities and Residence Life Coordinator
Phone: 507-258-8067

Global Connections Hospitality Program

The Global Connections Hospitality Program is a friendship exchange between students in the GCC and members of the local Rochester community.

Local residents (either families or individuals) engage with UMR students who are members of the GCC throughout the academic year. The community hosts provide an informal introduction to their life and culture by meeting with the UMR students for various activities throughout the year, such as meals, family outings and community events. Students, in turn, can help their hosts learn more about their lives and cultures.

If you are interested in becoming a community host, please contact Brett Schieve at

First Year GCC Members are able to receive mentorship from returning GCC members. The returning GCC students provide additional support, resources and advice for students transitioning to UMR.