UMR students smiling with arms around each other at cooking competition

Global Connections Community

Live and learn with health sciences students who share your passion.

A place to belong, a community to call your own.

The Global Connections Community (GCC) is a community for students who seek to develop as global citizens and increase cultural awareness, connections, and knowledge. GCC students live and learn together and commit to developing valuable skills like intercultural competency, aligning with their goal of becoming future healthcare professionals.

As a member of GCC, you will: 

    • Develop a curiosity for intercultural learning and diverse perspectives.
    • Demonstrate commitment to initiating and maintaining intercultural relationships.
    • Engage in opportunities to understand and embrace cultural differences. 
    • Continue to develop your self-identity as a future healthcare professional. 
    • Increase your tolerance of ambiguity, empathy, and cognitive complexity – all necessary components of intercultural and global competence.
    • Utilize UMR student resources, including academic support via JustASK and other faculty office hour visits; disability resources, if needed; health & wellness resources; and be an active member of the UMR community by participating in campus events and leadership opportunities. 
    • Maintain the UMR Student Code of Conduct.
    • Maintain good academic standin

Students interested in joining GCC can do so while submitting their housing application. Each year we have limited space open for GCC, and if interest exceeds capacity, priority will be for students who indicate interest first.

All GCC students will sign a covenant committing to the values and responsibilities as members.


First-year GCC students participate in the following: 

  • Fall Bridge and Winter Bridge (Required for Core Curriculum LLC students)
    • All incoming GCC students participate in a week-long Bridge program that begins before the orientation week in August. 
  • Host Family Program
    • Local residents (either families or individuals) engage with UMR students who are members of the GCC throughout the academic year. The community hosts provide an informal introduction to their life and culture by meeting with the UMR students for various activities throughout the year, such as meals, family outings, and community events. Students, in turn, can help their hosts learn more about their lives and cultures.
  • Monthly Meetings

Asmita KC

Student Activities and Living Learning Communities Coordinator