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Learning Abroad

"There are two words that capture the essence of a study away experience: life changing. No matter where you go or what you do, there will be some facet of your experience that will touch your heart, mind and soul." - Nitya, UMR Alumna

The University of Minnesota Rochester works with the Learning Abroad Center at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus to offer numerous opportunities in countries outside of the United States.

Study Away Steps and Process

The order in which you do things is somewhat flexible. Apply or renew your passport any time during the process.

  • Set goals for learning away.

  • Discuss when/how to complete graduation requirements and graduate/professional school prerequisites.

  • Discuss coursework abroad and how it might meet major and minor requirements.

  • Discuss the career benefits of learning abroad.

  • Discuss opportunities you might engage in to further your career aspirations.

  • If you meet the eligibility requirements of the program and it is in advance of the deadline, there typically is no reason to apply to more than one program.

  • It’s normal not to know what your parents will think of this study abroad idea, but since they’ll likely be paying at least part of the bill, it’s important to discuss it with them soon.

  • The Talking to Your Parents section of the Learning Abroad Center’s website provides rationale, explanations and information for you and your parents on why this is an important component of your college experience.

  • If you plan to use financial aid for your program, you will contact the Office of Student Finance at UMTC, by phone to discuss how your financial aid package applies to the program you selected.

  • If you wish, you can include your parents in on the phone call.

  • Consult the Financial Aid section of the Learning Abroad Center’s website for more basics on financial aid and study abroad.

  • Financial aid can be used only for credit-bearing experiences.

  • The Scholarships section of the Learning Abroad Center website lists program discounts and Learning Abroad Center Scholarship information and features a search function for a wider look at what’s available.

  • Complete the application under the "apply" tab for each program; each program has different requirements and instructions.

  • Even if you are applying to an affiliate program, you must apply through the Learning Abroad Center. They will direct you to an affiliate application if required.

  • Expect it to take 2–3 weeks after your application is complete to know if you’ve been offered a spot in the program.