A University of Minnesota Rochester students smiling while working on homework outside of One Discovery Square.

UMR Mentorships

Mentorship can be a valuable opportunity for students to develop professionally.

A strong mentoring opportunity can be one of the most impactful components of a student's educational experience. 

Learn more about the mentoring opportunities available for UMR students.

Pre-Med Insight
Pre-Med Insight is a student-run initiative at Mayo Medical School, Rochester MN, which promotes early exploration in the field of medicine. Each intern pairs up with a Mayo medical student mentor and builds upon their longitudinal relationship for guidance, support and mutual learning. Interns also engage in clinical and surgical simulations, small group projects and discussions, skill-building activities and interdisciplinary interaction among peers, physicians, patients, faculty, staff and other professionals in the field.

eMERGing Leaders MERG Mentoring Program
This is a year-long program between UMR and Mayo Clinic that aims to grow leaders and build their interest in Mayo Clinic. UMR students are matched 1:1 with a Mayo Clinic professional for a mentorship relationship. The matching process attempts to align the mentor/mentee around career interests when possible. eMERGing Leaders attend five-six programming opportunities related to networking and career preparation as a requirement of the program. eMERGing Leaders MERG is a part of Mayo Clinic's Employee Resource Groups (MERGs). These groups celebrate, support and encourage diversity among employees. Learn more about the eMERGing Leaders MERG Mentoring Program.

Maroon and Gold Network
This is a free, online platform that enables current students to connect with alumni and other professionals for career-related conversations, advice, networking, and mentorship. Participating is easy! Alumni have volunteered to share advice about exploring majors and careers, landing internships and jobs, and leveraging your University of Minnesota degree. Through these conversations, undergraduate and graduate students alike can gain valuable perspectives and connections to empower their career development.

UMR Undergraduate Student Research Club Mentorship Program
The UMR Undergraduate Research Club mentorship program offers an opportunity for one-on-one mentorship that is centered around an interest in research. Whether UMR undergraduates are curious about research or are planning to pursue a Ph.D. or MDPh.D. in their future, this experience connects undergraduate students with graduate research students so students can foster their interest.

Health Professions Mentoring Program
The purpose of the program is for BSHP students to serve as mentors to prospective students who will be applying to the BSHP program. Mentors provide accurate information, preparation and guidance to prospective students about the BSHP application process. Through the mentoring relationship, the mentor will have the opportunity to develop competencies expected from future healthcare professionals while the mentee learns how to navigate the UMR/Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences application process. The program helps mentees with the transition of being a dual student at both University of Minnesota Rochester and the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences.