Policies, Procedures and Forms

Office of Residential Life Expectations and Code of Conduct

The University of Minnesota Rochester (UMR) and the Office of Residential Life (ORL) are proud of the housing experience provided to student residents and work hard to create a truly engaging and connected community within 318 Commons. We recognize the most important factor of our community is the residents who live in our building. The experience in hall will be profoundly affected by the actions of those around you, and your own actions and behaviors. You will be held to high behavioral standards during your time at UMR, and this extends to your time in housing.

While in housing, you are responsible for the safety, security and cleanliness of your living environment which includes spaces outside of your individual living unit. In addition, you will be expected to treat staff, community members and other authorized personnel with respect while living in housing. Ultimately, we want your time living on campus to be fun and our policies and procedures are designed with the intention of creating a consistent and fair environment, with standards that promote positive and respectful communities.

Office of Residential Life Policies and Procedures
By signing the Housing Contract, you are agreeing to know, understand and follow ORL Policies and Procedures. If you have questions pertaining to these policies and procedures, it is your responsibility to seek clarification with ORL designated staff. These policies and procedures are subject to change in response to the needs of our continually developing residents and living environments. When changes are made, they will be published and shared with all persons affiliated with housing.

Compliance with University of Minnesota Board of Regents Student Code of Conduct and UMR Student Conduct Code
All ORL policies and procedures are designed to adhere to and respect the intent and direction of the University of Minnesota Board of Regents Student Conduct Code and the UMR Student Conduct Code Procedures.


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