Mohamed Addani, UMR Alumnus 2018, holds lab equipment representing the Health Care Research and Discovery career pathway.

Health Care Research and Discovery

"I am doing now what I will do as a research scientist in the future." - Mohamed Addani, '18

Health Care Research and Discovery

Tomorrow’s groundbreaking health protocols result from today’s research and discovery. Outstanding research opportunities for all UMR students prepare them for careers that apply rigorous investigation and analysis to grand health challenges of the 21st century.

Pursuing cures and new treatments for cancer, opioid addiction, ALS, diabetes and other grand health care challenges, students who follow this Career Pathway engage in real-world research preparing for advanced degrees in areas such as:

    • biochemistry
    • epidemiology
    • genomics
    • kinesiology
    • regenerative medicine

Featured Students

Mohamed AddaniMohamed Addani, ‘18

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Currently Pursuing PhD from Mayo Clinic's Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Hometown: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"As the oldest son, I was told since I was a child that it was expected of me to become a physician. My Capstone experience actually went against what I was expected to do and instead focused on pursuing what I loved, which was research."

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Michael “Mikey” Bergman, Michael "Mikey" Bergman, ‘17

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Currently Pursuing Research and Development Scientists/Postdoctoral at Northeastern University
Hometown: Lake Geneva, WI

"I knew when I applied that I wanted to go into biomedical research to pursue a Master’s or PhD. UMR described an opportunity to be part of a novel, interdisciplinary program with a degree that could be customized to the specific career track that the student wanted. "

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Rachel CoddenRachel Codden, ‘16

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Senior Research Analyst, University of Utah School of Medicine
Hometown: Becker, MN

"By participating in a broad array of experiences, I was able to see how my education could be applied in various settings. I began to see how versatile my background in health sciences truly was, and I felt comfortable beginning graduate school in a related field."

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Aashka JoshiAashka Joshi, ‘16

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Associate Director Clinical Operations, Fulcrum Therapeutics
Hometown: Maple Grove, MN

"I chose UMR for its pristine location within the heart of Rochester and its integration with the health care community, such as Mayo Clinic. There are countless opportunities UMR provides as a university tailored for health sciences. In addition, UMR offers smaller class sizes, hands-on learning and more direct contact with the professors which was important to me after having 1000+ people in my high school graduating class."

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Kanza KhanKanza Khan, ‘13

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Currently Pursuing Postdoctoral Associate Position at the University of Iowa
Hometown: Buffalo, MN

"I have learned so much at UMR. Beyond providing me with a quality education in health sciences, I have learned what it means to be a good teacher. I strive to emulate all the qualities of a good instructor - clear instruction, pausing to check for student understanding, engaging students and teaching through group activities. These are all qualities that are shared by each instructor that I had at UMR."

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Alynn KruseAlynn Kruse ‘20

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Pediatric Genetic Counselor, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Hometown: Urbandale, IA

"My Capstone brought forth the idea of personalized medicine as looking at the whole patient rather than just treating the problem. Along with this comes emotional, spiritual and financial stress that can all contribute to a patient’s well-being. "

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Gavin MarkGavin Mark, ‘14

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Senior Clinical Research Associate, Syneos Health
Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN

"I appreciate the opportunity to learn from all my instructors. I am especially grateful for what I learned from Dr. Molly Dingel, Dr. Marcia Nichols and Dr. Robert Dunbar. I gained skills in their courses that I use every day. "

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Elisabeth PearsonElisabeth Pearson, ‘19

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Currently a Dermatology Medical Assistant in Arlington, VA
Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN

"I chose to come to UMR in pursuit of a health sciences degree, however the biggest impact of my decision to choose UMR was the relationships I saw built with the professors and staff at the university."

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Ben RomanauskiBen Romanauski, ‘22

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Currently Pursuing PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University
Hometown: Sayre, PA

"My Capstone prepared me for the research I am currently doing, giving me the experience in research and the educational foundation to be confident in my knowledge and skills."

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Jennifer RumleyJennifer Rumley, ‘18

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Surgical First Assistant at Mayo School of Health Sciences
Hometown: Eagan, MN

"I went into my Capstone not knowing what I wanted to do after college, so I focused on gaining experience in a number of ways to find my niche in the medical field."

Learn more about Jennifer's experience.

Ben SawatzkyBen Sawatzky, ‘15

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Advanced Research Associate, R&D Systems
Hometown: Eagan, MN

"My Capstone focused on the importance of persistence and figuring out the next step after failure. It helped me maintain a good attitude and develop endurance to move forward."

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Yaqoub YusufYaqoub Yusuf, ‘21

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Currently work as a Research Specialist at the Translational Center for Resuscitative Trauma Care at University of Minnesota
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

"The capstone experience that I had during my undergraduate studies has played a significant role in shaping my future. It helped me gain clarity on my passion and the direction I wanted to take in life. "

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Brady ZellBrady Zell, ‘18

Degree: BSHS
Current Employment: Currently Pursuing PhD in Virology and Gene Therapy at Mayo Clinic School of Biomedical Sciences
Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

"My education at UMR has been invaluable to prepare me for my current line of work. Coursework and faculty have taught me not only the basic scientific principles that are required knowledge for the research field, but they also taught me how to think critically and how to take a scientific approach to solving problems."

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Students pursuing the Health Care Research and Discovery Pathway have engaged in meaningful experiences such as these listed below.

Current UMR students: reach out to your Student Success Coach for more information. 

Prospective students: contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Internships and volunteer opportunities allow you to gain valuable experience in a professional field. These opportunities help students develop marketable skills and competencies through hands-on experience, build a network of contacts and gain insight into a professional field. These experiences assist students in finding a career that aligns with personal and professional goals and passions.

    • Kerry Quality Control Internships
    • Georgia Tech Summer Undergraduate Research Experience is a 10-week experience, students receive a $6k stipend, housing, airfare, mentoring, & participate in social events. Visit for more info!
    • American Institutes for Research (Washington, D.C.) Research Assistant Intern - Learn more here!
    • Water Quality in the Yucatan Peninsula Research Opportunity 

You will have various opportunities for employment during your undergraduate studies. The organizations listed below are good places to explore employment opportunities.

    • Undergraduate Research Employment Program at Mayo Clinic
    • Student Work-Study Employment roles at Mayo Clinic

As a student in health sciences, you will have many opportunities to participate in research. Below is a list of previous research experiences students in the Health Care Research and Discovery pathway have participated in.

    • IMPACT
    • Department of Radiology, Mayo Clinic Rochester Dr. Pandey
    • Research in empirical Bioethics of causes & perceptions of addiction at UMR Dr. Dingel
    • Mayo Clinic Pirnie Translational Polycystic Kidney Disease Center Dr. Sussman
    • Participate in field biology research to obtain avian buccal swab samples at UMR Dr. Metzger
    • Transporter Biology And Physiology Dr. Romero
    • Individual and Group Learning in zebrafish Dr. Dunbar and Dr. Petzold
    • Skeletal Muscle Wasting And Progenitor Cell Biology Dr. Doles
    • The role of "weak" intermolecular forces in molecular Dynamics: A computational modeling approach at UMR Dr. Prat-Resina
    • Hepatobiliary Cancer Laboratory, Mayo Clinic Rochester Dr. Roberts
    • Research Methods identifying biological agents in water along with specific chemicals that impact human beings Dr. Metzger
    • Research on negative strand RNA viruses with her primarily interest on measles virus (MV), from the Paramyxoviridae family. Dr. Devaux
    • Addiction in the Media at UMR Dr. Dingel
    • BICB Undergraduate Research Summer Opportunity
    • Georgia Tech 10 week Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

There are other avenues you can take to pursue your pathway as well. Check out the options listed below.

Study Away/Global Travel Experiences:

    • Biological Conservation and Biodiversity Lab through DIS Denmark
    • International Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (I-UROP) Scholarship is designed to promote learning abroad opportunities to UMTC undergraduate students by providing critical funding to students enrolled in select credit-bearing learning abroad programs involving a research project. More information online.